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Why Wiki Timeline?


It is meant to be an Out Of Game resource useful for players to figure out where their character's were at certain periods in history and whom they knew (or at least knew of) at the time. Post where your character was throughout their history, look at where other characters were during that same time, and if they cross paths, talk to the player to see if you might have some history together. It makes role-playing age-old vampires easier and leads to connected, 'real' backrounds.

Posting your character's timeline here just might get you involved in storyteller-driven stories as well.

Finally, this is a shared resource that we all are in charge of updating - in other words, if you don't help create this resource - it won't exist. It's up to you!

What You Need Before You Start


An idea of when your character was Embraced, and where. Then you need to know where they travelled throughout various periods in history. You don't /have/ to put your character's timeline here, but if you do, you stand a better chance of fleshing out your character history and getting drawn up in shared plot.


Popular choices are Chicago in the roaring 20's, Paris in the 1700's London in the 1900's and so forth. For more info about researching those times, or what happened in certain parts of the world throughout history, I suggest you read some Tips for Researching Timelines NEWLY UPDATED! Once you have a general idea of what you want your character history to look like, check out How To Add Your Character's Timeline for more tips. The nice thing about a Wiki is, if you want to add your own tips and links you can too.

Be thinking about what your character was up to from decade to decade, year to year, or even century to century. If you've made an Elder, it could take a while, but it's totally worth it.

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