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12th cent. - Trajan emerges from torpor. [DC, p31]

1100 - Gratiano is embraced by Lasombra. [CotI, p39]
1100's (late) - A Italian prince and Hermetic magus (Lorenzo Golo) and a Templar magis (Simon de Laurent) uncover different translations of the Kitab al Alacir, and they form the Natural Philosophers Guild. [VTDA, p253]
1100 - Lambach Ruthven is embraced by Tabak. [CotI, p43]

1116 - Shaitan arrives in Mexico and takes control of the Aztecs.
1119 - The first Gargoyle is created by the Tremere as shock troops.

1121 - An Army of Gargoyles turns the tide against the Inconnu in the Tremere/Inconnu war.
1128 - The Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon (called the Templars) are officially recognised by the pope. [VTDA, p240]

1133 - Tremere discovers the havens of several sleeping Antediluvians. He chooses and drains Saulot (founder of the Salubri). Tremere also begins to slip in to Torpor lasting weeks or months. He tells the Council to organize the house. They do and divide the world then known among themselves. [Cb-Tr, p17]
1134 - First settling of Berlin area by Albrecht the Bear.
1137 - Erik Eigermann is driven in torpor in Berlin by Karl Schrekt the demon hunter from Vienna [BbN, p13]

1143 - Helena Embraces Galabraith who will become the Cardinal of Mexico.

1173 - Lady Dimitra is embraced by clan Gangrel. [Cb-S, p68]

1188 - Alixandra Lamoureux embraced by Clan Ventrue.

1191 - Khalid is embraced by Alexius. [CbN2, p103]
1197 - Francois Villon is born. [WoD, p57]
1198 - Pope Celestine II dies and is replaced by Pope Innocent III. [VTDA, p50]
1199 - King Richard is killed in battle and succeeded by his vicious brother John. [VTDA, p49]
1199 - The Tremere council of seven have a meeting. [VTDA, p91]

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