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13th cent. - Subitai is embraced in Poland. [WoD, p95]
13th cent. - Destruction of the Hermetic Covenant of Mistridge by Artificer Mages. Beginning of the Ascension War. [BSHAD]
13th cent. - Inquisition formed. [Cb-V, p20]
13th cent. - &14th cent. Inquisition wars. Which the Anarchs kill anyone, the Assamites came into the open and the Tremere Gargoyles started to become stubborn. [Cb-Tr, p18]
13th cent. - The begining of the Sabbat Movement. Started by the Brujah. [ANT, p74]
13th cent. - The fief of Winchester is the oldest fief in the British Isles. [WoD, p26]


1201 - Pope Innocent III calls for the Albigensian Crusades.
1205 - Pope Innocent the III instigates the Fourth Crusade. This will eventually lead to the Inquisition. [Cb-Tr, p17]
1205+ - Goratrix infiltrates the Church and takes control of it. He uses it to destroy enemies of the Tremere. The Council decides that Goratrix has overstepped his bounds and calls him before them. Goratrix runs away and hides after his power is taken away and given to Mistridge. [Cb-Tr, p18]
1205+ - First Anarch movement starts due to Inquisition killings. Because of the fact that the Elders sacrificed their childes to save their hides. [Cb-Tr, p18]
1205+ - The Anarchs make peace with the Assamites, and together kill the Lasombra 3rd generation Antedeluvian. [ANT, p100, p111)
1209 - The Path of Cathari becomes a Path of Enlightenment.


1210 - The Craftsmasons unite to storm the Mistridge Coveant. [VTDA, p253]
1215 - King John signs the Magna Carta. [WoD, p12, p19]
1215 - The Kiasyd overthrow the Ventrue in Strasbourg, Germany.


1220 - Gustav Breidenstein is embraced by Ilse Reinegger. [BbN, p61]
1229 - The start of the Spanish inquisition.


1230 - Villon is embraced by Helena of clan Toreador. [WoD, p57]
1231 - Pope Gregory IX officially founds the Society of Leopold. [Cb-V, p20] [ANT, p22]
1233 - The Albigensian crusade winds down.
1234 - Marchettus the bold is embraced by clan Brujah. [Cb-S, p67]
1235 - Karl Schrekt is embraced by Lotharius. [BbN, p58,85,107]


1240 - The start of the anarch revolution.
1244 - Ilse Reinegger came to Berlin from Belitz.


1252 - Pope Innocent IV authorizes the use of torture in the spanish inquisition. This is because he has been made aware of the existence of the Kindred, the Garou, and the Mages at this time. [ANT, p22]
1252 - First Ventrue caught by the Inquisition. [Cb-V, p20]
1258 - The Barons' Revolt takes place in England. [WoD, p19]


1260 - The Mamluks come to power, aided by Talaq of clan Assamite. [WoD, p79]


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1283 - Iteration X loses an ancient Islamic scroll . They watch the man who finds it.
1289 - An ancient Islamic scroll is found. The contents awaken the reader's Avatar. He then forms a secret cult based on that information. This cult would later become the Sons of Ether.


1290 - The first son of Ether finds an interesting manuscript.

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