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14th cent. - & 13th cent. Inquisition wars. During which the Anarchs kill anyone, the Assamites came into the open and the Tremere Gargoyles started to become stubborn. [Cb-Tr, p18]
14th cent. - The Technocracy is founded at the White Tower.
14th cent. During the middle of this century the Black Death appeared, causing more distrust amongst the kindred as the Tremere had only just arrived. Most of the 9th & 10th generation kindred in London die, due to feeding on tainted kine. Mithras takes advantage of this and capture the head of the Tremere Chantry and makes an example of him, also lots of the Tremere mortal agents disappeared. [WoD, p19]


1300 - The Mound-builder empire declines.
1300 - Ezuli is embraced by Ghede in Ethiopia. [WoD, p114]
1305 - Augusta Holford is embraced by clan Setite. [Cb-S, p63]


1313 - The Inquisition winds down. The Society of Leopold takes up the slack.
1312 - The Way of the Ancient Lawgivers is formed.
1314 - Nicolai is embraced by Stromburg. [CbN2, p118]
1314 - The Templars are denounced for heresay, and it's last Grand Master (Jacques de Molay) is burned at the stake, he curses those who conspired aginst him. [VTDA, p241]


1324 - First sleeper use of Cannon in Siege of Metz. [BSHAD]
1321/1325 - The Aztec civilization is on the rise in Mexico.
1325 - Destruction of Mistridge
1325 - The Order of Reason (the Technocracy's foundation) forms. [VTDA, p253]
1325 - Convention of the White Tower. [VTDA, p253]
1325 - The Cabal of Pure Thought, a group of Philosopher-Mages, meets in March in the White Tower. Founding of the future Technocracy. [MAGE2]


1330 - Ascension War begins; across the world realisty begins to tighten. Many Magi fall to persecutions, revolts, assassinations, plagues and outright battles within the Order of reason. [FRA]
1331 - The Aztecs begin to build their empire. Shaitan orders the deaths of all shape-shifters found through out Mexico.


1345 - The Anarchs slay the Tzimisce Founder.
1348 - Petrodon, Nosferatu is embraced by Cristo. Now Justicar. [Anar, p86]


1356 - The first HIT Mark II's are made.


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1381 - The peasants revolt takes place in England. [WoD, p16]
1381 - Tyler is embraced by Robin Leeland. [CbN2, p67]


1394 - The Tremere Council member Meerlinda, along with the Ventrue Hardestadt, propose a league of vampires. No one listens. [Cb-Tr, p19]
1395 - The Ventrue Hardestadt is killed when the Brujah Tyler attacks his castle. [Cb-Tr, p19]
1398 - Battle at Millau. Alixandra Lamoureux falls into torpor by the blade of Albrecht Massovia.

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