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15th cent. - Elaine de Calinot is embraced. [Cb-Tr, p67]
15th cent. - The Condotierri are sworn in as sacred memebers of the Society of Leopold. These are the protectors of the Society and act as guards. [ANT, p26]
15th cent. - Canadian Lupines from the Wendigo tribe start settling in the forest land of northern New England. [DC, p23]


1400 - Karsh is embraced. [CotI, p25]
1400 - Jalan-Aajav is embraced. [CotI, p63]
1400 - Danov is embraced. [VtM2]
1400 - Iteration X calls the first Symposium. It is decided to usurp reality.


1415 - Critias financed the voyage that brought Menele to the new world [CbN2, p65]


1420 - The Anarch revolution reaches it's peak.
1420's - The seers of Chronos (now cultists of Ecstasy) and Ahl-i-Batin encourage the Houses of Hermes to call a worldwide Tribunal for the good of all Magi. Response is mixed. [FRA]
1424 - Bryan is embraced. [CbN2, p101]


1435 - The Camarilla/Sabbat/Anarch split.
1438 - The Incan civilization starts to rise in Peru.
1438 - Gutenberg's Bible undermines the oral tradition of the Celestial Chorus. [MAGE2]


1440 - Wilhelm Waldburg is embraced by Gustav Breidenstein. [BbN, p62]
1440 - Mistridge Tribunal - Hermetic Master Baldric {LaSalle, Hermes bani House Tytalus} begins a quest for great Magi. After many adventuers, he meets with Lady Nightshade (founder of the Verbena) and master Valorian (Founder of the Chorus) during the turning of the year. They confer in the ruins of Mistridge, and it is said that faeries visited them there. Reasons for this meeting vary, but all 3 come to an agreement to found a Magickal order of their own. They depart to find other like-minded masters. [FRA]
1441 - The Tremere find the sword of Nul and store it in a safe place.
1444, 14/04 - Augustus Giovanni diablerizes Cappadocius.
1445 - Octavious Giovanni (AKA Mr. Hat) is Embraced by Marcus Giovanni in Naples, Italy


1450 - The Mayan civilation comes to an end.
1450 - Henri Del gardo is embraced by Ansethe.

  • - The Renaissance period begins.

1450 - The Toreador Rafeal de Corazon makes his famous speech which leads to the Camarilla and the Masquerade. [Cb-Tr, p19]
1450+ - Etrius moves the Tremere from the Coeris Chantry in Transylvania, to his old one in Vienna. [Cb-Tr, p20]
1453 - Copernicus releases his paper, De Revolutionibus Orbium Caelestium heralding the rise of the tecnocracy.
1456 - The Servants of Irad are formed.


1460 - The Wars of the Roses takes place in England. [WoD, p12]
1462 - Constantinople falls to Muslim turks.
1465 - The Council of Nine Mystick Traditions forms. [VTDA, p253]
1466 - Summer Solstice, Council of the Nine Mystick Traditions is formed. [MAGE2]
1466 - The Council of Nine include the Solificati, the presecessors to the sons of ether, who fade within a century.


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1486 - The Camarilla declare a bloodhunt against the clan Assamite [Cb-A, p16]


1492 - Columbus reaches America.
1493 - The 'End' of the first Anarch revolution. [Cb-A, p16]
1493 - The signing of the Convension of Thorns. [Cb-A, p16]

  • - The Signing of the original code of Milan.
  • - Most gargoyles flock to Paris.

1494 - Harzomatuili is claimed by the Wyrm and becomes a Spiral Dancer. He will eventually become the leader of the Sepulchre in Mexico City.
1496 - The signing of the Treaty of Tyre, Assamites vs Camarilla. [Cb-A, p16]
1496 - Most Assamites accept the 'Tremere' curse, creating two sections of the clan, the 'cursed' and the 'unconquered'. [Cb-A, p16]

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