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16th cent. - Councilor Meerlinda working though Dr John Dee, encouraged British exploration of the new world. [Cb-Tr, p20]
16th cent. - The Ottoman Turks gain control of the Arabian Peninsula, but was only after taxes. [WoD, p68]
16th cent. - The inscription known as 'Voices from the Shadows' after beeing carbon dated. seems now to orignate from this era. [Cb-S, p15]


1500 - Vlad Tepes is embraced by Lambach. [CotI, p9]
1507 - Katarina Kornfeld is embraced by Gustav Breidenstein. [BbN, p66]


1511 - The Aztecs try to take El Dorado to the south but are stopped by his allies, the Black Furies. They are stopped to the north by more Garou.
1512 - Don Caravelli is born. [WoD, p55]
1512 - Battista Decamerone is born. [DC, p45]
1515 - Rambam performs a ritual to return Talaqq (Assamite) to human form and grant him extended life. In return Talaq influence the Ottoman ruler (Suleiman the Magnificent) to raise a wall around Jerusalem and protect the city. Talaq then fakes his death, so he could escape the Assamites. [WoD, p72-73]
1517 - Luther's 95 theses set up things for the Christian Reformation.
1519 - Cortes arrives in Mexico with 600 men, a cannon, Helena, Quetzalcoatl, Motolina, and Bernardino. Motolina is Blood Bound to Helena and will eventually change his shape to match that of Helena's. Cortes claims Mexico for Spain, with the help of Helena and Quetzalcoatl. Shaitan call to his masters for help. They answer by spawning the Pandemonium. Helena find Shaitan in Torpor and is scared away. She runs north. Helena leaves behind one of her Progeny, Galbraith, who becomes the Prince of Mexico City. Shaitan takes control of Galbraith.


1520 - A revolt kills 400 Spanish and the Aztec empire is reestablished.
1521 - Hernan Cortes returns and retakes Mexico in 75 days. He brings with him weapons, the Inquisition, and the Sabbat. The Sabbat recruit Galbraith. She will eventually be come the Sabbat Cardinal for all of Mexico.
1526 - Hunedoare Castle falls to the forces of Vlad. [WoD, p59]
1527 - John Dee is born. [WoD, p34]
1528 - Vlad Tepes joins the Sabbat.


1530 - Lord Marcus develops the path of power and the inner voice.

  • - Franscico Pizarro conquors the Incans.

1531 - The Virgin of Guadalupe is first seen. To this date, no one knows for sure what it was.
1532 - Ellison is embraced by Melitta Wallenberg. [BbN, p52]
1533 - The reign of Ivan the Terrible begins in Russia.
1536 - The Path of Power and the Inner Voice is invented by Lord Marcus of the Lasombra.


1543 - Masdela is embraced by Elonzo. [BldH, p14]


1550 - The Renaissance period winds down.
1550 - The Twilight Cult is formed.
1556 - Stanford Warwick is born. [DC, p52]
1557 - Don Caravelli is embraced by Antonius Caracus of clan Brujah. [WoD, p55]
1558 - Elizebeth I ascends the throne in England.


1560 - The Spanish and Portuguese claim much of South and Central America, and kindred flock to the America's including some Settites. [Cb-S, p18]
1563 - A general outbreak of Bubonic plague strikes Europe.

  • - The Sabbat make a general blitz on all of Europe.

1566 - Dr. Mortius is embraced by Mesita. [BldH, p57]


1571 - Battista Decamerone is embraced by an unknown indian of clan Gangrel. [DC, p45]
1571 - Kepler makes his laws of motion.
1579 - Madame Guil is embraced by the Baron Volgirre. [BldH, p10]
1579 - Sir Francis Drake Embraced in London, England


1584 - Ivan the terrible dies ending his reign in Russa.
1584 - Stanford Warwick is embraced by Powell of clan Nosferatu. [DC, p52]
1585 - The Ottoman Empire comes to an end.
1588 - The Spanish Armada attacks England and is decimated. [WoD, p13]


1590 - The Roanoke Colony vanishes.

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