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17th cent. - Councilor Meerlinda first permanent colonists arrive on the New Worlds shores. [Cb-Tr, p20]
17th cent. - Vampires arrive in Haiti. [WoD, p113]
17th cent. - Genina is embraced by the Baron Samedi. [KmW, p31]
17th cent. - Valerius Maior is embraced by Varro? [KmW, p78]
17th cent. - Robert Pedder is embraced. [WoD, p90]
17th vent. - Lady Jane is embraced by Mad Tom of clan Malkavian. While staying in a assylum in England. [Cb-M, [63]


1602 - First production of Hamlet
1604 - Galileo proves the laws of gravity. The Technocracy starts calling itself The Technocracy.
1605 - The Catholic Gunpowder Plot takes place in England. This was supposedly backed by the Tremere. [WoD, p20]
1605 - Samual de Champlain's visits New England. [DC, 15]
1607 - Jamestown is founded in Virgina.
1607 - John Dee is invited to Vienna. [WoD, p33]
1608 - John Dee is embraced by Meerlinda. [WoD, p34]
1609 - Galileo builds the first telescope.

  • - The Sabbat retreat to Scandinavia


1610 - A coterie of Brujah diabolists rediscover the Path of Evil Revelations due to the influence of the Baali.
1611 - Smiling Jack is embraced by Mama Lion. [LAbN, p70]
1612 - Aaron creates his feeding razor.
1614 - John Napier discovers Logarithms.
1614 - William Biltmore is born. [DC, p46]

  • - Countess Bathory's death is faked and she joins the Sabbat.

1618 - The 30-year war starts in Europe


1620 - Pilgrims come to Cape Cod.
1622 - Richelieu is made a Cardinal.

  • - Opechancanough leads his indians against the settlers in Virgina.

1626 - Richelieu makes a powerplay in France.
1628 - Lianna is born. [WoD, p39]


1630 - Puritans come to Cape Cod.
1631 - Jeremy Macneil is born in Scottland
1635 - Tyrus is embraced by Gareth. [CbN2, p88]
1635 - Anne Bowesley is born. [WoD, p36]
1635 - Madeline Coventry of the Tremere fist arrives in Boston to set up a new Chantry, but finds there are not enough humans to make any more Kindred. So bides her time, and waits. [DC, p15]
1635 - Scion is Embraced by Corinthia of the Sabbat. Upon his embrace he tortures and murders every man woman and child in his hometown in a brutal massacre, then burns the town. There are no human survivors.
1638 - Descartes proposes the existance of Ether. This causes a massive stir in the Technocracy.
1639 - Geoffrey Thorn and Nathaniel Gray form the Order of the Golden Dawn. [DC, p25]


1642 - Bainbridge retracts his former superstions about comets.
1642 - Pascal creates the Pascaline, the first adding machine.
1642 - William Biltmore is embraced by Le Fanu of clan Malkavian. [DC, p46]
1642 - The English Civil War begins. [WoD, p13]
1644 - Opechaneanough is captured ending the Indian troubles in Virgina.
1644 - Geoffrey Thorn discovers the Ur Codex, an old Greek text, about ascend the "stairs of power". [DC, p25]

  • - Descartes principles of philosophy are published.
  • - The rise of the Manchu Dyasty in China.
  • - The Sons of Ether and the Technocracy start feuding.

1645 - Lianna is embraced by Pascoe of clan Toreador. [WoD, p38]
1645 - The Rotal Order of the Edenic Groundskeppers is formed.
1648 - The 30-years war ends.
1649 - Charles I is executed in January. [WoD, p13]


1650 - Archbishop James Ussher of Armagh concludes that Creation occured in 4004 BC.
1650 - Geoffrey Thorn and Nathaniel Gray, via a ritual, kill Head Minister, and are betrayed, and sentanced to death, they claim that they will return. [DC, p25]
1652 - The English Civil War ends. [WoD, p13]
1656 - The Sabbat gain memebership from Quebec Brujah (French). [DC, p24]
1657 - Jeremy MacNeil is embraced by James. [LAbN, p67]
1658 - Death of Cromwell. [WoD, p13,p20]


1660 - The Stuart King Charles II comes to the throne. [WoD, p13]
1665 - Jeremy Skelton is born. [DC, p61]
1666 - The Great Fire of London takes place. [WoD, p13,p20]
1666 - Geoffrey Thorn and Nathaniel Gray, via the body of Samuel Bridgewater, return and take conrol of half of the covern. [DC, p25,p26]


1672 - Gottfried Leibuiz creates a working calculator.
1673 - Philippe Rigaud is embraced by Henri. [CbN2, p138]


1682 - Christopher Houghton is embraced by Sir Matthew Lubbock. [LAbN, p83]
1683 - Roman Pendragon is born. [DC, p40,p41]
1688 - Lady Anne Bowesley is embraced by Valerius of clan Ventrue. [WoD, p36]
1688 - William of Orange lands in England. [WoD, p35]
1688 - James II is defeated by his own troops, and flees. [WoD, p14]


1692 - The start of the Salem Witch Trials. The Ventrue try to destroy the Tremere. They think that they won. Coventry is firmly entrenched in her Salem Chantry. [DC, p16]
1693 - The Treaty of Durham is signed by the Ventrue and the Toreadors. [WoD, p21]

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