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18th cent. - Alexis, alias Danya is embraced by Dimitri. [KmW, p61]
18th cent. - The Society of Leopold power and memebership hit a all time low. [ANT, p23]
18th cent. - John Diamond is embraced by Meerlinda. [Cb-Tr, p27]
18th cent. - The Camarilla clans in New England, try to hold back the Sabbat. [DC, p12]


1700 - Yaryan is embraced by Clear Brook. [CbN2, p146]
1700 - Ghede (Setite) sends Ghouls to Haiti to prepare the way for his visit. [Cb-S, p64]
1701 - Zachariah Slane is born. [DC, 112]
1702 - Jeremy Skelton is embraced by Marcel DeBreau (deceased) of clan Brujah, and later joins the Sabbat. [DC, p61]
1703 - Pendragon is embraced by Dark Selina. [DC, p40,p41]


1710 - Samuel Bridgewater dies, and via a ritual, transfers the spirts of Thorn and Grey to the head Acolyte. [DC, p25]
1712 - Jarthis the slaver is embraced and he creates his merchant empire.
1715 - Several Edinburgh Ventrue are slaughtered by the Toreadors. The Toreadors try and fail to put James Stewart on the throne. [WoD, p21]


1720 - Tibet becomes a tributary of china.
1721 - Jacques Sirque is born. [DC, p43]
1722 - Annabelle is embraced by Maria. [CbN2, p112]
1723 - Antonio Calbullarshi is embraced by Astio Giavetti. [NObN, p69]
1723 - Menele begins to live with the Indians and comes close to Golconda.


1730 - John Reiss is born. [DC, p59]
1734 - Pug Jackson is embraced by Stranganyika of clan Brujah. [DC, p43,p44]


1740 - Comte de St. Germain first appeared. [Cb-Tr, p68]
1741 - Zachariah Slane is embraced by Maria Haige of clan Tremere. [DC, p112]
1743 - An anarch named Rutherford reviels his true nature to a masonic lodge creating a group of hunters.
1745 - The Toreadors try to put Bonnie Prince Charlie on the throne. [WoD, p21]

  • - The word 'vampire' first appears in the oxford dictionary.

1746 - First female Assamite embraced. [Cb-A, p21]


1750 - The first mechanical limb is built.
1750 - The Tremere realised that Goratrix had joined the Sabbat, and was responsible for the defections of young Tremere under the House Goratrix. All have been branded with a sigil on their foreheads visable to any Tremere magus. [Cb-Tr, p20]
1754 - The start of the French-indian war
1755 - Maxwell is embraced by Altamira. [CbN2, p68]
1756 - Jacques Sirque is ghouled by Pendragon. [DC, p43]
1757 - Peter Kleist is embraced by Gustav Breidenstein. [BbN, p64]
1759 - Marguerite Foccart born, soon to become a Brujah. [Cb-B, p64]
1759 - Effie Feng is born. [DC, p51]


1763 - The treaty of Paris is signed ending the french-indian war and ending any chance of France becoming a power in the new world.
1763 - The Void Seekers map El Dorado out of existence.
1763 - Jara Drory is born. [DC, p55]
1765 - Marguerite Foccart travels to America to help out the rebellion in the colonies. [Cb-B, p15]
1767 - Elsa Linden is born. [DC, p57]
1769 - Upton Rowlands is born. [DC, p60]


1770 - The Boston massacre takes place.
1776 - The start of the American revolution.
1776 - Quentin King III is born. [DC, p48]

  • - Sabbat influence in America increases.

1778 - Muricia preforms the ritual that turns her into the first Ahrimane.
1778 - John Reiss is embraced by Johann Kaspar of clan Tremere. [DC, p59]


1781 - Uranus is discovered.
1783 - The end of the American Revoultion.
1783 - The combined forces of the Brujah, Malkavian and Gangrel take control of Boston from the Ventrue. [DC, p16]
1784 - Effie Feng is embraced by Sun Tai T'ung of clan Malkavian. (Possible Gaki) [DC, p51]
1789 - Countess d'Adhemar is embraced by Madame Guil. [KmW, p64]
1788 - The British convict fleet settle in Sydney Cove, Australia. [Cb-S, p19]
1789 - The first follower of Set arrives in Australia. [Cb-S, p19]
1789 - The start of the French Revolution, the first anarch true victory. [Anar, p15]


1790 - Ezuli (Settite) comes to Haiti, to create a temple. [WoD, p114]

  • - Start of the industrial revolution.

1791 - Elsa Linden is embraced by Annabelle Triabell of clan Toreador. [DC, p57]
1792 - Count Germaine is embraced by Critias. [KmW, p65]
1793 - The reign of Terror begins in France. Many vampires flee.
1795 - The Winchester Chantry in England sends Baladin to find out what happened to the Salem Chantry. He finds a strong Sabbat presence and attempts to take control of it. A huge battle ensues and Conventry retreats to Salem where she falls in to Torpor. [DC, p17]
1795 - General 'Mad' Anthony Wayne defeated the Indians at the Battle of Fallen Timbers, and Fort Dearborn was established. [UBRM, p16]
1796 - Coventry comes out of torpor and goes on a six day feeding frenzy. [DC, p17]
1797 - Jacques Sirque is embraced by Pendragon. [DC, p43]
1798 - The Toreador settle in Cairo and Alexandria when Napoleon invades Egypt. [Cb-S, p18]
1799 - Napoleon gains control of France.

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