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19th cent. - The Pro-Turkish nationalist army officers force the ruler of Constantinople to restore the Ottoman constitution. They then depose the Sultan (Hamid II) and place his brother (Mehmed V) in power. They then force Mehmed to grant self-rule over the Ottoman subjects. [WoD, p68]


1800 - The library of congress is founded by a Toreador
1800 - The Order of Reason, the Technocracy's former name, discovers a Net of Quintessence linking Nodes all over the world to the Middle East. The Void Seekers discover the Realm of Mt. Qaf. They set the Adepts on this new Realm.
1801 - Jara Drory is embraced by Petra of clan Nosferatu. [DC, p55]
1802 - Prussia signs a rather short lived treaty with France.
1802 - Michael Unther is embraced by Madame Guil. [BldH, p12]
1803 - Britain and france go to war.

  • - The US makes the Lousiana Purchase.
  • - Napoleon is revield to the Camarilla as a Sabbat pawn.

1804 - Napoleon becomes Emperior of France.

  • - The Sabbat inquisition is founded by Gustav Mallenhous.

1805 - Bartholomew becomes Prince of Cleveland.
1805 - The Tremere redivide the world to include the New World.
1805 - Ghede and Ezuli have not spoken since this date to each other, due to their arguments over followers in Haitai. [Cb-S, p64]
1806 - Modius is embraced by Annabelle. [VtM2, p246]
1808 - The Sabbat consolidate their hold over NYC and intensify their efforts on Washington DC. It falls within 3 months.


1810 - The sabbat Organize the construction of the Erie canal to help with transporting troops up into the rest of NY state.
1810 - Father Costilla leads a revolt and tries to free Mexico from Spain. He fails.
1811 - Quentin King III is embraced by Nathan Skarvan of clan Malkavian. [DC, p48]
1812 - The war of 1812 begins.
1812 - Petra becomes a busy community of 2000. Kept hidden by Talaq (ex-Assamite) and the Naba. It was also at this time that the Assamites heard word that Talaq was alive, and try to kill him covertly, but due to the teachings of Talaq to the Naba, they failed. [WoD, p73, p78]
1812 - Camarilla forces work against the Sabbat.
1812 - The sabbat reaches it's all time high.
1812 - Napoleon invades Russia.
1813 - Garou instigate the creek indians to war.
1814 - The Sabbat stomp on the creek indians.
1814 - Washington DC is burned and reclaimed by the Camarilla.
1814 - The Canal Project is halted.
1816 - The war of 1812 ends.
1816-1820 - Byron/Polidori's Vampire Lord Ruthven meets popular acclaim (but where is he really?)
1817 - The Erie canal is resumed.
1818 - Solomon Junean founds Juneatown, which will become Milwaukee.
1819 - Mowgli is born. [DC, p63]


1820 - The Spanish under go a revolution created by the camarilla to undermine the sabbat.

  • - The missouri compromise is reached.
  • - A greek revival dominates US architecture for the next couple of decades as an insane Toreador desides to 'improve' America.

1821 - Mexico finally is a free nation from Spain.
1822 - Charles Babbage creates the difference engine.

  • - The Virtual Adapts are created under the name The Difference Engineers.

1823 - The French restore the Spanish Monarchy, and the Camarilla to Spain.
1825 - Baladin is found dead in the Boston Chantry. Coventry is blamed at the time. Now it is believed to have been Malkavians. Shortly after his death, the Malkavians take control of Boston.
1825 - The Erie Canal is completed.

  • - The Camarilla, in an effort to undermine native Garou strenght, has the US adopt a policy of transfering indians across the Mississippi river.
  • - Jarthis the slaver is killed by an Assamite and his toung is turned into an artifact.

1826 - Upton Rowlands is embraced by Georgia Rowlands of clan Ventrue. [DC, p60]
1829 - Era of electoral reform starts in England.
1829 - Robert Peel creates the London's Metropolitan Police. [WoD, p16]


1830 - Mowgli is embraced by a unknown sire (deceased) of clan Gangrel, he later joins the Sabbat. [DC, p63]
1831 - Faraday discovers the principle of eletromagnetism.
1831 - The Tremere in Vienna decide to stop this embarrassment and say they will take care of Coventry. She disappears shortly after this. The Sabbat overrun both her new Chantry and the Boston Chantry. The survivors flee to the Hartford Chantry. [DC, p17]
1832 - In a great war between the soldiers at Fort Dearborn and Black Hawk, the Indians suffer a grievous defeat. In the process, both Menele and Helena are so injured that they enter torpor. [CbN2, p18,27]
1833 - The US decide to establish a city along the Des Plaines River, called Chicago. [UBRM, p16]
1834 - Rise of the Whig party

  • - The Sabbat civil war begins with the death of the sabbat regent.
  • - The Carlist civil war begins in Spain.

1836 - Remember the Alamo!
1837 - Start of Queen Victoria reign. [WoD, p14]
1837 - Maxwell becomes Prince of Chicago. [CbN2, p27]
1837 - The first HIT Mark III's are made.
1839 - The first mechanical leg is given to the Sleepers.
1839 - England starts the Opium wars with china.
1839 - Britain declares war on China, over their destruction of thousands of chests of opium. [WoD, p88]

  • - The Carlist civil war ends in spain.


1840 - Reform Judaism develops.
1841 - The Opium wars end with England getting Hong Kong. [WoD, p88]
1842 - Maureen O'Leary is embraced by Lasker. [CbN2, p93]
1844 - The Whig party falls under the control of multiple Sabbat factions.

  • - The Whigs and Nativists elect an anti-catholic mayor in NYC.
  • - Anti-catholic riots in Boston are used as a ruse to cover up the increasing conflict between the Sabbat and the Camarilla.

1845 - Potato blight strikes Ireland, leading to great famine.

  • - Poe publishes the poem, The Raven

1846 - The era of electorial reforms in England wanes.
1848 - Vlad joins the Inconnu. [WoD, p62]
1848 - Mexico is forced to sign over 1/3 of Mexico to the U.S. for $15 million.
1848 - Marx and Engels issue a Communist Manifesto.

  • - The Tremere/Inconnu wars hits an all time High.
  • - The California Gold Rush starts.
  • - The first womans's rights rally is held in Seneca Falls, NY.

1849 - The safety pin is invented.


1850 - The first vampire opera is held in Paris
1850 - Difference Engineers build steam calculator, predict invention of telephone, propose 10th sphere; the "Information Sphere". Iteration X takes one of the calculators and begin to experiment on it.
1851 - Spain supresses revolt in Cuba
1852 - The second French republic ends with Louis Napoleon proclaiming the Second French Empire.
1852 - Goratrix is found among the Sabbat. The Council, aided by Tremere himself, brand all Sabbat vampires with the symbol.
1853 - Start of the Crimean War
1854 - The whig party is torn apart from within.
1854 - Oscar Wilde "Sebastian Melmoth" is born. [WoD, p133]
1855 - Dr. Livingstone discovers Victoria Falls, Rhodesia.
1855 - Biltmore becomes the Prince of Cardiff (Wales). [DC, p32]

  • - Garou create the NYC central park caern.

1856 - The Crimean War ends.

  • - The construction of Central Park begins.

1857 - The start of the India Sepoy Rebellion.
1858 - The Sepoy rebellion is crushed. Britian takes over India.
1859 - Charles Darwin publishes Origin of the Species


1860 - England aquire Kowloon, the tip of China across from Hong Kong. [WoD, p89]
1861 - The Tremere perfect the Ritual of the Bitter Rose.

  • - Lincon is elected president as the Civil War starts.

1862 - Richard J. Gattling creates the revolving Machine gun.
1865 - The American Civil war ends.

  • - Lewis Carroll's Alices Adventures in Wonderland is published.

1866 - The Ku-Klux Klan is formed.
1867 - America buys Alaska from Russia.


1870 - Don Sebastian is embraced by Christopher Houghton. [LAbN, p21]
1870 - Kurt Densch is born. [DC, p54]
1870 - Hong Kong reaches population of 100,000. [WoD, p89]
1871 - Devil's Night. O'Leary and other Malkavians light the Great Chicago Fire. Lodin takes advantage of the chaos to overthrow Maxwell and become Prince of Chicago. [CbN2, p19,27,92]
1871 - Most of the Garou survive the Great fire of Chicago. During which Helena (winner) and Menele fought. [UBRM, p17]
1872-1923 - The Garou of Chicago were at peace. [UBRM, p17]
1873 - The US is plunged into depression by the stock market panic of 1873.
1874 - Central Park is finished.
1875 - The start of the Sioux War.
1875 - Aleister Crowley is born. [WoD, p36]
1875 - Echo is embraced by Ghanat. [KmW, p97]
1876 - Porfiro Diaz rules as dictator of Mexico.

  • - Custer gets stomped by a pack of Wendigo garou at Little Big Horn.
  • - The HMS Yawdevil puts into London port from India, unmanned, but on time.

1877 - The Sioux war ends with the Sioux getting wompped
1878 - The depression of 1873 ends.
1878 - Talaq secretly kills Hussein Ibn Ali and takes his place. He then fathers 4 children. [WoD, p73]

  • - Michalgo determines the speed of light, and disprove the existence of Ether.
  • - The Sons of Ether break from the Technocracy.
  • - British rule of Cyprus starts.

1879 - Edison creates the light bulb.


1880 - Modius begins his rise to power in Chicago with the support of Inyanga, Khalid and Procet. [CbN2, p19]

  • - America reaches 50 million people.

1880 - Fenton of clan Gangrel is embraced. He is now a 6t generation elder who rules Tasmania in Australia. [Cb-G, p14]
1880 - Telephone becomes common among Technocracy, still rare among sleepers. First "Conference Connections" used. Technocracy begins to store information electronically with help from the SoEs. First visions of the Digital Web reported. Shift name from Difference Engineers to Virtual Adepts.
1881 - The American red cross is founded.
1881 - Oscar Wildes first poems are published. [WoD, p133]

  • - Word of the existence of the Ritual of the Bitter Rose leaks out.
  • - Cleopatra's needle is donated to NYC central park.

1882 - Maxwell Ldescu is embraced by Karl Schrekt. [BbN, p58]
1885, 24/11 - Benjamin Holmscroft founds the Arcanum.
1886 - The Haymaker Riot occures in Chicago.
1886 - The Statue of Liberty is unvieled in NYC Harbor, it is the crowning achievement of an elaborate practical joke being played on the Sabbat by Malk Content.
1888 - Jack the Ripper strikes. [WoD, p41]
1888 - The Wind Catcher Sept is established at the Fianna. [UBRM, p17]
1889 - The first chapterhouse of the Arcanum is founded in London.

  • - Justicar Gunther dies and Madame Guil is elected the replacement Toreador Justicar.

1889 - Doyle Fincher is embraced by Inyanga. [CbN2, p86]


1890 - Biltmore is driven out of Wales, and the France, by the Ventrue lead by Mithras and the Welsh princes. [DC, p32]
1890 +/- 5 - Dracula visits London (is this connected with the foundation of the Arcanum chapter house?)
1890 - The Ninth Wave is formed.
1891 - Carnegie Hall opens in NYC
1892 - Salvador Garcia a Brujah, is embraced by Ferdinand. Now Anarch, author of 'An Anarch Manifesto'. [Anar, 81]
1893 - Zaroff is born. [WoD, p40]
1894 - The Pullman Strikes takes place in Chicago.
1894 - Hinds is embraced by Lodin. [CbN2, p19]
1895 - X-rays are discovered.
1895 - Dr. Zoeter of Iteration X, formulates MECHA.
1895 - A group of British kindred invade New England, led by 3 elders (Warwick - Nosferatu, Biltmore - Malkavian, Pendragon - Brujah), calling themselves the Triad. [DC, p18]
1895 - Warwich lays the foundation for Biltmore success, by initiating the building of the Boston underground railway system. [DC, p18]
1895 - Pendragon begins a bloody campaign that destroys or drives out 90% of all American kindred from New Hampshire. With the help of his ghouls. [DC, p20]
1896 - First european Assamite embraced. [Cb-A, p21]
1896 - Pendragon declares himself Prince of Concord. [DC, p21]
1897 - Erichto is embraced by Nicolai. [CbN2, p120]
1898 - Dawn Cavanaugh is embraced. [LAbN, p93]
1898 - The Imperial Order of the Master Edenic Groundskeepers is formed.
1898 - England aquires more land from the Chinese, this time on a 98 year lease. [WoD, 89]
1899 - Start of the Boer War.
1899 - Electrical computer invented, uses Balsa wood cards and responds only in numbers. Predict that Sleepers will be ready for computers in 50-60 years. The Artificers officially change their name to Iteration X to honor their AI computer.

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