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1900 - Ruud Retief (Ventrue) was embraced in South Africa. [Cb-V, p61]
1990 - Warwick makes his move to control Boston, and the complete Primogen disappear without a trace. [DC, p18]
1900 - The Boxer rebellion starts in China.

  • - The Boston chapter house of the Arcanum is founded.

20th cent. - It is rumored that the Cult of Sekhmet will be making at comback at the end of this century. A female exclusive Settite cult. [Cb-S, p31]
1900 - Oscar Wilde is embraced by Endymion of clan Toreador. [WoD, p133]
1900 - Warwick destroys the Providence Primogen without a trace. He destroys prominent Kindred. Rumors begin that Infernal Powers are at work.
1900 - The Technocracy decides that there is no Ether in space. This causes the Sons of Ether to leave the Technocracy and join the Traditions. The Sons take the 4 fundamental particles, and turn them in to more than 100 with subatomic physics. In response, all particles are reduced to 4 forces.
1900 - During the Paris Exhibition, the amazing Conversion Engine of Professor Vargo is demostrated, enraged that machinces of war like the Vickers-Maxims machineguns are more popular, he leaves. [TBSE]
1901 - End of Queen Victoria reign. [WoD, p14]
1901 - The Boxer rebellion ends.

  • - Tobin joins the Arcanum.

1902 - The Boer war ends.
1903 - The Wright brothers fly at kitty hawk.
1904 - The Sons of Ether break from the Technocracy is made public.
1904 - The Washington DC chapter house of the Arcanum is founded.
1904 - Lord Cyrus Wakefield commissioned a yacht. Called "The Royal Phoenix". [WoD, p121]
1905 - Lord Cyrus Wakefield's yacht, The Royal Phoenix, is launched. [WoD, p121]
1905 - Russian suffer a great naval disaster against the Japanese.
1905 - Lord Cyrus Wakefield's commits suicide on his yacht, The Royal Phoenix. Then a vampire relative takes comntrol of the Yacht. [WoD, p121]
1906 - 1906 - San Francisco has a massive earthquake. This results in the yacht "The Royal Phoenix" ending up on land. [WoD, p122]
1906 - Unions reach new heights in power.
1906 - The Big quake hits San Francisco. Preceptor Cob looses cohesion and Wyld energy surges over San Francisco resulting in mass fires and earthquakes. The Technocracy manages to regain control.
1908 - Ford introduces the Model-T
1908 - Balthazar betrays the anarch of Chicago. [CbN2, p27]
1909 - Vargo disappears along with his acolytes [TBSE]
1909 - Lin Jun is embraced in Paris. This chinese sorceress was a part of a Toreador plot against the Tremere. [WoD, p93]


1910 - The Boy Scouts of America are founded.

  • - The Cubist Art movement takes shape.

1910 - Iteration X accuses the Adepts of leaking information to sleepers like H.G. Wells and making science fiction. Iteration X proposes to land a man on the Moon based on Verne's book.
1911 - The Mexican Revolution begins as the Anarchs rise up against the Camarilla, marking the start of the second anarch revolution.

  • - Amundsen reaches the South Pole.

1913 - Lodin gains control over Chicago's Unions. Modius flees to Gary. [CbN2, p27]
1913 - Kurt Densch is embraced by Warwick of clan Nosferatu. [DC, p54]
1914, 24/07 - Czar Vargo's airships appear over New York, Washington DC, Paris, London, and Rome. He demands surrender of all national powers and world rulership for the common good. His death rays beat off an Iteration X robot army but he is finally overcome by Progenitor clones due to his reluctance to kill living beings. The NWO cover up the incident. [TBSE]
1914 - German Ventrue and French Toreadors start WW I.
1914 - The Panama canal opens.
1914 - 1915 - Talaq instructs his children to help the British against the Germans. Thus earning independence from the British. [WoD, p73]
1915 - Adept liaison covers for the redirection of Zimmerman telegram. Predict WWI to have dire repercussions over next 30-60 years.
1917 - The Vampire Club opens, on board the yacht "The Royal Phoenix". [WoD, p122]
1917-1922 - The Bolsheviks seize control of Russia, with the help of the Brujah. [Cb-B, p19/20]
1918 - In england for the first time women get to vote. [WoD, p14]
1918 - London kindred try to take over the fief of Connachta in Dublin, but fail. [WoD, p26]
1918 - The first world war ends.
1919 - WW I ends with the signing of the Versailles Treaty.
1919 - Prohibition is introduced to America, the Settites quickly take advantage of this. [Cb-S, p18]


1920 - Tobin publishes Tobin's Spirit guide in England.
1920 - Hong Kong reaches population of 600,000. [WoD, p89]
1920 - Talaq son, Faisal, becomes King of Syria. [WoD, p73]

  • - The Boston chapterhouse of the Arcanum is burned down by a Malkavian.
  • - The Mexican Revolution comes to an end when the Sabbat screw both the Anarchs and the weakened Camarilla and take control of most of the country. The second Anarch revolution ends.

1921 - Albert Einstein wins the Nobel Prize.
1921 - Talaq son, Abdullah, becomes Amir of Transjordan. [WoD, p73]
1922 - Mussolini comes to power in Italia.
1922 - The Gold Exchange Standard is adopted.
1923 - A mining operation in Chicago uncovered the catacombs of the Wyrm creatures. All Garou unite to fight the common enemy. [UBRM, p17]
1923 - Howard Carter unearths the inscription 'Voices from the Shadows'. [Cb-S, p15]
1923 - Hitler's Beer Hall putsch in Munich fails.

  • - The Arcanum's Boston Chapterhouse is rebuilt with added security.

1924 - Lenin dies ("arranged" by the Brujah) and Joseph Stalin takes control of Russia. He starts a program of purges that leave 10 million people dead. [Cb-B, p20]
1924 - Talaq son, Ali, becomes Sharif of Mecca. [WoD, p73]
1924 - Talaq (As Hussein) retires. [WoD, p73]
1924 - The Sabbat Inquisition is re-established by Julian of the Black Hand.

  • - Hitler writes Mein Kampf.
  • - Tobin drops off the face of the Earth.

1924 - Based on Prohibition, the Adepts state that the FBI may gain hero status (50%). Predict a take over of Chicago will greatly benefit this plan.
1925 - A old Philodox of the Children of Gaia has a vision, about the release of Jupiter once again. It is dismissed by most. [UBRM, p17]
1926 - The General Strike of London. This was organised by the Anarchs. [WoD, p14,p21]
1926 - Hirohito becomes emperor of Japan.
1927 - Lindbergh makes a solo flight from NYC to Paris.
1927 - Edward Hollister is embraced. [Mummy, p9]
1928 - The First Disney film is released.
1929 - The Wall Street stock market crashes. The great depression begins. [WoD, p122]
1929 - Adepts predict that Germany will take a hard hit from the Crash. They predict now is the time to construct a world government.
1929 - Latran Treaty. The Vatican is created.
1929 - Gandhi's civil disobedience campaign begins.

  • - The Sabbat, having brought about the depression, make their move on the rest of New England from NYC.

1929 - The CommonWealth is created.


1930's - Brujah were preparing to kill Stalin, until they decided that they needed him against Hitler. They got Stalin to sign the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact with Hitler, then tried to replace Stalin. [Cb-B, p20/21]
1930 - Aleister Crowley is embraced by Achadramenos of clan Malkavian, but is told that he is a Tremere. [WoD, p37]
1930 - Menele's body is returned to Chicago. [UBRM, p17]
1931 - India gains indepence from England.

  • - The Japanese invade Manchuria.

1931 - Dieter Kotlar is embraced by Isabella Correlli. [BbN, p44]
1933 - Hitler comes to power in Germany.
1933 - Edward Hollister meets Sahura, and strikes up friendship. [Mummy, 10]
1933 - The revised Code of Milan is signed, signaling the end of the Sabbat civil war.

  • - The start of the dust bowl years in the midwest US.

1935 The coven leader (Order of the Golden Dawn) dies, and leaves no successor, so the coven splits. [DC, p27]
1936 - Beginning of the Spanish Civil War. Franco is a puppet of the Ventrue. [Anar, p13]
1936 - The Giovanni clan of Italy 'allies' with the Sabbat.

  • - The dust bowl years end.

1938 - Orson Wells Invasion From Mars broadcast is heard. It starts out as an actually invasion planned by the void engineers, but it incures too much paradox and reality rewrites the events so that everybody thinks it was just a radio broadcast. A rift is formed between the Void Engineers and the rest of the Technocracy.
1939 - WWII begins in Europe. [WoD, p15]


1940 - Allied forces evacuate Dunkirk, the Battle of France is over, the Battle of Britain begins. [WoD, p15]
1940 - Technocracy supports Nazis as the government to rule Europe. Mexico develops a massive industrial base under the control of the Technomancer Quetzalcoatl.
1941 - Hitler breaks the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, and the Brujah have to allie with other clans to defeat the Nazi's. [Cb-B, p21]
1941'ish - Many Gypsies & a lone Gangrel (Talos, 7th generation) are placed in concentration camp, in Glodker. Talos quickly ebraced about 20 Gypsies and took over the camp. [Cb-G, p13]
1941 - Adepts denounce Nazis, report the Death Camps, and condemn Iteration X's use of the situation to conduct experiments. Adepts threaten to act.
1941 - Pearl Harbor is bombed (by the Japenese) and America enters the War. [WoD, p15]
1941 - Count Zaroff's is embraced by Arebehaluah and is abandon, Zaroff becomes Caitiff. He was a major member of the Hunt Club. [WoD, p40]
1941 - Mithras is forced into torpor during a Nazi bombing raid, and is currently in hiding, awaiting for the Tremere to make their move. [WoD, p32]
1941 - Adepts plot to get U.S. involved with WWII. They make sure that no one believes the spy reports of a planned Japanese invasion.
1942 - Japanese relocation camps are created in America.
1942 - The first self-sustaining nuclear reaction is achieved. Critias comes to Chicago to watch the atomic experiments. [CbN2, p66]
1943 - DuSable is embraced by Nicolai. [CbN2, p119]
1944 - Toreador Prince Don Sebastian of Los Angeles order his men to punish Jeremy MacNeil (Brujah), they went over the top, and to stop any problems the prince agreed to investigate it. It was a a cover up, and the anarchs revolted, killed the prince, and most of the other cities on the west coast were also caught up in the fights. [Cb-B, p18]
1944 - The Domain of Los Angeles finally falls to the Anarchs. [WoD, p123]
1944 - Technocracy shifts support to the Allies thanks to information on Nazi mystic research provided by the Adepts. All Conventions now work to defeat Hitler.
1944, 06/06 - Allied forces land at Normandy. [WoD, p15]
1944 - Los Angeles falls to the Anarchs and most of the rest of California quickly falls as well. Jeremy MacNiel is proclaimed Leader.
1944 - Andrei is embraced by Siegfried. [CbN2, p76]
1945 - Turing and the SoEs build the first computer as the machine that cracked the Enigma codes. This was given to, and dissected by, the British government. Turing predicts that the Digital Web could be created in less than 10 years with the aid of the Sleepers. Turing begins to think of A.I. machines.
1945 - WW II ends. [WoD, p15]
1945 - MECHA is constructed and begins to receive prisoners.
1945 - Yalta.
1945 - Japanese relocation camps are disbanded.

  • - The United nations is formed.

1946 - Billy Gramham begins his Evangalistic Career.
1946 - Britian grans Transjordon independence due to their help during WWII. [WoD, p73]

  • - ENIAC is created.

1946 - The Technocracy abandons Mexico's industry. Pentex is quick to grab it. The Technocracy drains all but four of the Nodes in Mexico city. The four Nodes that are not drained are hidden by Shaitan and his forces.
1947 - Iteration X spies discover Turing's plan, the Adepts communications with the SoEs, and accuses them of subversive activities.
1948 - Israel is created. The first Israel-Arab war occurs.
1948 - Britain yeild control over Transjordan. [WoD, p68]
1948 - Ghandi is assassinated.
1948 - Berlin blockade.
1948 - Tito breaks from Staline.
1949 - Jonather Peabody presents himself to the Garou of the Fanum, and arrange to help them if they would protect his 'mummy' body when he died. They agreed, but after he died he never returned. [UBRM, p17]
1949 - NATO is created.
1949 - Comecon is created.
1949 - Russia gets the bomb.


1950's - Possible sighting of a True Brujah (woman) at a Brujah Rant. [Cb-B, p14]
1950's -
1950 - The start of the Korean War.
1950 - The begining of McCarthyism.
1950 - Tammy Walenski is embraced by Khalid. [CbN2, p105]
1950 - A Nosferatu delivered the plans for United States atomic weapons to the Soviets, assuming the shape of Julius Rosenberg (Project Rosenberg) [Cb-N, p30]
1950 - The Syndicate threatens Turing with exposer of compromising photos if he does not stop his "Virtual Reality" work. Turing refuses.
1951 - An Assamite kills Abdullah the King of Jordan to bring Talaq in the open. [WoD, p68, p73]
1952 - The first american H bomb.
1952 - Abdullah son Talah become King, but was taken to Petra by Talaq to protect him from his half-brother Naif. And Talah's son (Hussein) becomes King. [WoD, p74]
1952 - The Sabbat Caitiff unite as a clan under Joseph Pander. [ANT, p104]
1952 - UNIVAC is created.
1952 - Hoover creates SAD (Special Affairs Department) of the FBI under the advice of Dr. Emil Zotos, his psychaiatrist, (a technocractic mage). Charles Horner is named its head.

  • - The first 3-D movies.

1953 - Stalin dies. Krouchtchev arrives.
1953 - The first HIT Mark IV's are made.
1953 - The Korean war ends.

  • - Mt. Everest is conquered.

1953 - Manon is embraced by Ezuli. [NObN, p81]
1954 - Dien Bien Phu is taken by the Vitminh.
1954 - The war of Algeria begins.
1954 - McCarthy is pranked by the Malkavians, ending his career.
1954 - The Transistor is invented.
1954 - Technocracy sends out all forces to destroy Turing, anyone present at the time, and any machines near him. Bring back the pieces. Turing programs Infinite Creation Loop and creates the Digital Web. He is sucked in to the new Realm and never heard of again.
1955 - TRADIC is created.

  • - H&R Block is founded.

1955 - Adepts disappear with any and all information on or about the Technocracy. Orders are given to destroy ALL Adepts. No Exceptions. Time Table pushed back years as a result of Adepts treason. Executions are to be slow and painful.
1955 - SAD encounters the decapitated head of a Brujah Union boss and stores the head in a jar in a high-security vault. One of the few pieces of conclusive evidence of the supernatural.
1956 - The Second Arab-Israel war occurs. [WoD, p70]
1956 - Soviet Union calm a revolt in Hungaria.
1956 - The start of the cuban civil war.
1957 - The EEC is created.
1957 - Sputnik is launched.
1957 - The Virtual Adepts break ranks with the Technocracy.
1957 - At the its largest size with 25 agents, SAD loses six as a result of the investigations into Denise Gerard and Dr. Timothy Clarke.

  • - There are race riots at Little Rock.
  • - Jack Kerovac's "On The Road" is published.

1958 - The NASA is created.
1959 - The Cuban civil war ends with Castro gaining control.
1959 - The Sons of Ether petition the Council of Nine for the Adepts admission. In return for admittance the Adepts will provide the Time Table, projects in planning, and detailed reports on Autochtonia.


1960 - Some Setites join the Sabbat and form the Serpents of the Light. [ANT, p107]
1960s - The Ventrue and Tremere of England stomp on a sect of Setites. Which was a change as the Ventrue and Tremer are normally fighting each other for control of England. [WoD, p29]
1960 - The OPEC is created.
1960 - British rule of Cyprus ends.
1961 - The Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba fails.
1961 - Berlin Wall is built.
1961 - The Adepts are accepted into the Traditions. They were given the Ahl-i-Batin seat on the Council. Probationary period of 5 years is established. They were given the Correspondence Sphere.
1962 - The Cuban Missiles crisis.
1963 - JFK is shot.
1963 - Sarah Raines is embraced by Jonathan Lang of clan Gangrel. [DC, p114]
1964 - Khruschev falls. Brejnev comes.
1964 - China gets the Bomb.
1964 - the World's fair is held at NYC.
1965 - America gets involved with Vietnam.

  • - Malcom X is slain at a Nationlist Rally.

1965 - Ozzy is embraced by Jekyll/Hyde. [BbN, p49]
1966 - Timothy Leary founds his religion based on LSD.
1966 - The Night of Rage occurs in Chicago. [CbN2, p21-22]
1967 AD - The Six Day War between Israel and Arab nations. The Leopards of Zion covertly assassinate Cainites that have influence in Israel. [WoD, p74]
1967 - Jude Franken is embraced by Pug Jackson of clan Brujah. [DC, p115]
1967 - The height of the Anti-British riots in Hong Kong.
1968 - Raoul King, Ph.D. Journalism, was embraced by Ashton (10th generation Gangrel). [Cb-G, p63]
1968 - Soviet Union calm a revolt in Tchecoslovaquia.
1968 - France gets the Bomb.
1968 - Martin Luther King is killed.
1968, 28/04 - Lodin obtained permission from the Ventrue Justicar to settle the Anarch problem once and for all. More than 100 vampires are said to have disappeared that night. [CbN2, p22]
1969 - A Nosferatu organised a riot in the Water Street area that destroyed 30% of the buildings so the new constructions will have hidden accesses for Nosferatu (Project Tinkertoy) [Cb-N, p20]
1969 - Men land on the Moon.
1969 - The landing on the moon sparks the imaginations of thousands worldwide, resulting in numerous pathways to Arcadia to open. The Sidhe nobles return and attempt to regain control of the commoners in the Beltaine Night of Iron Knives Massacre. Dreaming
1969 - First SALT treaty


1970's - The acension of High King David, formerly True Thomas's charge, ends the Accordance War among the Changelings and stabilizes the court.
1970 - "Black September" Loyal Jordanian Army units drive the PLO out of Amman. [WoD, p70]
1972 - Cattle mutilations reach 100,000 reported cases - USA
1972 - Talah dies in Instanbul. Talaq 'persuades' Naif to leave Jordon, for ever. [WoD, p74]
1973 - The Fourth Arab-Israel war occurs. [WoD, p70]
1973 - OPEC cuts oil supplies, triggering a world wide recession.
1973 - In an attempt to infiltrate AIM, SAD loses some of its most experienced agents. Horner dies in a mysterious accident a month later, to be replaced by Andrew Crowe.

  • - Skylab placed in orbit.

1974 - Nixon resigns.
1974 - 6000 Hit Mark I's are uncovered in China. Sleepers think that they are just clay statues.
1976 - Malk Content gets Jimmy Carter elected as a prank.

  • - Viking landers I and II land on Mars.

1977 - The first TRS-80 is produced.
1977 - Juniper, clan Ventrue was embraced by Buckston. Now Anarch. [Anar, p80)
1978 - Camp David treaty between Istrael and Egypt.
1979 - Margaret Thatcher of the Conservative party, is elected the first female Prime Minister of England. [WoD, p15]
1979 - The Adept Dante steals information on the HIT Marks, and gives it to the Traditions.


1980 - Ventrue regain the presidency as Ronald Regan is elected.
1980 - Revolution in Iran.
1980 - Solidarnosc is created in Poland.
1980 - Crowe, who led SAD away from Garou incidents, is replaced by George Thomasson due to politics.
1981 - The IBM PC is produced.
1982 - Daliah, Tzimisce Antitribu, was enbraced by Gavriel. Now Anarch. [Anar, p84]
1982 - Argentina invades the Falkland islands. [WoD, p15]
1983 - The Anarchs rise up again in Chicago, with Maldavis. The Council Wars begins. [CbN2, p23]
1983 - Bret Stryker is embraced by Annabelle. [CbN2, p114]
1984 - The first cyborg HIT Marks are built. This level of technology will reach Sleepers in about 100 years. On New Years the Adepts planted the B.B. virus, put LSD in spring water, reprogrammed HIT Marks to dance, and rerouted the Progenitors Q-drainers to life support machines. They also scrambled NORAD channels, and flashed brain burning subliminals on all Advanced Technologies Incorporated terminals. The Technocracy steps up their Pogrom in response. The CoX casts aspersions at the Adepts for this. The Adepts blank out the CoX's bank accounts in response.
1984 - The British agree to hand ove rHong Kong to the Chinese in 1997. [WoD, p89]
1985 - The Society of Leopold loses an operative in Haiti. [WoD, p116]
1986 - Jean-Claude "baby-doc" Duvalier is driven from power in Haiti. [WoD, p116]
1986 - Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme is killed by the Valkyrie Brunhilde. [WoD, p48]
1987 - Lodin defeats the Anarch uprising in Chicago. The Council Wars ends with the Thanksgiving Massacre [CbN2, p24]
1988 - Stefan Rutigar is embraced by Ilse Bnsh. [BbN, p46]
1988 - Toby, clan Nosferatu was embraced by Oswald. Now Anarch. [Anar, p82]
1989 - A 6.5 earthquake hits Los Angeles. [WoD, p124]
1989 - Margaret Thatcher was toppled by a coup by her own party, and John Major takes over. [WoD, p16]


1990 - Most Brujah council memebers in Russia send their KGB agents etc, against Mikhail Gorbachev (they were against his reform plans), but all agents vanished without trace. [Cb-B, p21]
1990 - Baba Yaga (ancient Nosferatu) wakes up, and claims control of Mikhail Gorbachev. [Cb-B, p21]
1990 - Baba Yaha wakes up. [WoD, p54]
1990 - The Brujah Council in Russia with Ventrue and Toreador elders get diablerised and then eaten by Baba Yaga in only 8 days, there is supposedly only 1 survivor (currently in hiding). During which time Boris Yeltsin gains control of Russia. [Cb-B, p21]
1990 - The population of Mexico City is estimated at 20 million mortals, 200 Kindred, 60 Garou, 20 Mages, and millions of Wraiths.
1990 - Helena awakens after 158 years of Torpor. After clawing her way out of the ground, she immediately drains Maria, her Progeny. [CbN2, p27]
1991 - Ice Box (Vernon), Brujah was embraced by Luther. Now Anarch. [Anar, p85]
1991 - The Brujah Council in Russia with Ventrue and Toreador elders get diablerised and then eaten by Baba Yaga in only 8 days. [WoD, p54]
1991 - Sergei Voshkov is embraced by Baba Yaga. [RAR, p96]
1993 - The prince of Chicago declares a Blood Hunt on all Lupines. Garou and Sabbat assault Chicago, destroying almost half the Kindred [CbN2, p25]
1993 - Preceptor Cob is replaced by the Weaver entity who now controls the pattern web of San Francisco [Hidden Lore and Loom of Fate]
1993 - The MASK is formed in Milwaukee. Preceptor Cob is destroyed. Nothing happens. The Prince of Milwaukee is killed by the MASK.
1993 - Thomasson is rendered insane on orders from the Camarilla by his psychaitrist. Late '93, Senator's Grubhold's incident with the Garou results in increased funding into SAD, increasing the entire department's activities.
1994, 05/04 - Rebecca is embraced by Gatlin. [Cb-Tr, p9)
1995, 12/03 - A letter is sent from Edwarde Hagger (Vienna Chapter House) to Comte Jules de Marigny (Paris Chapter House), enclosing a copy of a inscription 'Voices from the Shadows' (about the settites). [Cb-S, p15]
1995, May - The Isle of Wight fief, in England, was started by Morgan Rune of clan Ventrue. Who was later (March 1996) killed by a Garou.
1997 - The Tremere Curse on clan Assamite is broken.
1999 - The Week of Nightmares. The Ravnos antediluvian dies. The Red Star appears in the sky.

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