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2000 - The Assamite Schism takes place; Al-Ashrad leads a large group of Assamites out of the clan, finding refuge in the Camarilla.

2011, February - A 'YouTube' video surfaces showing two Kindred demonstrating their abilities, and pleading for help from the public to identify 'their condition.' The Camarilla Elders of Europe react drastically, fearing the Masquerade has been broken globally. An edict from the Juticariate bans all forms of electronic communication between Kindred; Kindred are relegated to letters and couriers.

2011, March - The White Queen of London, Anne Bowesley, in reaction to the YouTube incident, proclaims that for the sake of improved security, as well as command and control, all of the UK and the British Isles would now fall under her sovereign Domain; those with the position of Prince would act as regional Magistrates to her ultimate rule. This method of consolidated rule comes to be known as the 'Bowesley Doctrine.'

2011, April - Fortenbras, proclaimed Prince of the contested City of Copenhagen, attempts to emply the Bowesley Doctrine upon the greater populace of the area. Both he and the members of his Court are slain in retaliation.

2011, May - Donal O'Connor, Brujah Prince of Dublin, Ireland, is publicly executed by Anne Bowesley for defying her decree of rule made two months prior

2011, July - The Toreador Prince of Billings, Montana, G.B. Coulson, employs the Bowesley doctrine in declaring himself the Prince of the entire State of Montana. The decree reaches the State's Capital of Helena, and the Prince there, the Gangrel Reginald Stanley, objects. Stanley travels to Billings, and in a confrontation with Coulson, slays the Toreador. Stanley then proclaims *himself* the Prince of Montana, and returns to Helena. No one contests his claim.

2011, August - New Orleans, LA, a contested Domain for the previous six years since Hurricane Katrina, is finally wholly claimed by the Camarilla under the leadership of the Tremere Dr. Buzzard, who promptly claims Praxis.


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