Archon Chimera

Archon to the Malkavian Justicar Maris Streck, the inscrutable Chimera is one of the Camarilla’s assistant ‘Kingmakers,’ often called in when smaller domains are without Princes and require special attention. A madman himself, the Malkavian Chimera fancies himself a knight in the service of a holy, or unholy cause, conflicted by two sides of his tortured psyche, the Devil, and the Angel.

Chimera was involved in Prince Calebros’s succession to the Emerald domain (Seattle, WA) when he arrived to herald his approach at the behest of Justicar Streck. Once there, Chimera proceeded to contact the de-facto Prince at the time and arranged to slip into a Primogen meeting in order to spy on the would be councilors and diplomats of the domain, and determine how best to represent them to their new Prince, and he to them. That meeting resounded across the entire domain, and upon hearing the news that Chimera was indeed an Archon of the Camarilla, the council was shocked to see how much their discourse in front of him mattered to the face of the domain.

The Archon's current whereabouts are unknown, as he is always on the move, usually under assignment.

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