Archon Shatter

Shatter is a conundrum wrapped inside an enigma within a mystery with a cherry on top.

An Archon for the Malkavian Justicar Maris Streck, she is single-handedly responsible for liberating former Grand Harpy Troy McKain (Toreador) from the hands of Archon Blaze, a brutal Brujah with a reputation for taking no prisoners.

Shatter is also rumored to be quite gifted with oracular abilities… assuming you can understand a word she says. Whimisical phrasing and hopelessly riddle-like rhyming couplets and prophetic bouts of iambic pentameter make her difficult at best to understand.

Still, she's a formidable opponent in a fight, owing to her unpredictability, and is known in hacker circles for her skill with computers.

The Archon's current whereabouts are unknown, as she is always on the move, usually under assignment.

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