Archon Vercingetorix

Often charged with escourting Camarilla dignitaries from one place to another, Archon 'Rix' as he is called is a stiking, if silent Brujah figure. Not possesed of a great wit, Rix neither cares for or dispenses idle chit chat. Boasting over thirty Sabbat kills, it's clear Rix wasn't made an Archon by Brujah Justicar Jaroslav Pasceak because of his talent for witty banter.

Rix recently visited Seattle in 2004 to escourt a Sabbat diplomat into the domain on a supposed mission of peace. While Rix despised the Sabbat, being a good 'company man', he agreed to the perilous task of navigating the many egos and potential threats that the Emerald Domain (Seattle, WA) had to offer to bring the Lasombra Emmisary Samuel Vinson before Calebros's court.

Later he would escourt another important figure in the domain's history - one Rose Charmichal, former prince and herself an Archon-in-training back from her Emmisarial duties to the Sabbat controlled domain of Atlanta, former home of Prince Victoria Ash, and current home to the vile and vicious Sabbat Archbishop, Sascha Vykos. Archon Charmichal now serves the Ventrue Justicar.

The Archon's current whereabouts are unknown, as he is always on the move, usually under assignment.

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