Baltimore, Maryland

Anarch Domain:

Baron - Lazarus - clan Gangrel

Prince - Alexander Garlotte, Clan Ventrue
Seneschal -
Sheriff - Fin, Clan Ventrue
Scourge -
Keeper of Elysium -
Greater Harpy - Roderic, Clan Toreador
Lesser Harpy - Sarah Duvall, Clan Ventrue
Marston Colchester - Nosferatu Primogen
Robert Gainsmil - Toreador Primogen
Archon Theo Bell - Brujah Archon

Character History:

Samantha Kennedy resided in Baltimore from 1994-2007. She held no positions but received the status "Stalwart" for her support against the Sabbat. 2 weeks before the city fell she was sent from the city with the blessing of the Prince and her Primogen.
Atlas - Gargoyle
Cami Ella Smith - Brujah - in and out from August 2006 through January 2007
Charistra Djembo resided here from 2005-2006
Circe - Tremere
Clark Davis resided here from 1955-2000
Gerrard - Brujah
Jan Pieterzoon - Clan Ventrue
Justy - Brujah - Resided there from August 2006 through October 2007
Kale McReedus - Resident from December 2007 through 2009. Maintained Camarilla communication during Anarch occupation and functioned as a 'diplomat' of sorts between Lazarus' court and the Camarilla of New York, NY
Marcus Vitel - Clan Ventrue.
Sara Reynolds resided here from 1983-2006
Spider Resided here from 1994 - 1999 and was thoroughly unremarkable.
WoD History

2000 - Sabbat attack Washington DC and Baltimore and succeed in taking both. Prince Garlotte is presumed dead.
2002 - Garlotte, backed by his Childer Isaac Goldwinand powerful Tremere associate Circe as well as other Camarilla agents succeed in re-taking Baltimore.
2007 - June, Sabbat attack and kill Prince Garlotte. His Child IsaacGoldwin comes back to the city and becomes Prince. 10/31/07 Sabbat attack and kill Prince Goldwin and take over the city.
2008 - Anarchs take the city in late March from the Sabbat. Now under Baron Lazarus.

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