Calebros is the former Prince of the New York and Seattle Domains. He often travels with his broodmate Emmett

He is publically credited with solving the crime of murder against former Clan Nosferatu Justicar Petrodon, who was murdered by a Tremere Antitribu and a Giovanni. Calebros is credited with the capture and destruction of both.

He is publically credited with being instrumental in the re-taking of the New York Domain from the Sabbat, having been present at the battle of Throgs Neck, a battle in which a key figure in the Sabbat, Cardinal Polonia, met final death.

After the siege of New York was successfully ended by the Camarilla, Justicars Lucinde of Clan Ventrue and Jaroslav Pasceak of Clan Brujah arranged to support a popular Clan Toreador member, Victoria Ash as prince of the New York Domain. Much to the surprise of the Justicars and the Primogen council of the domain Victoria Ash refused the Princedom. Seeing an opportunity to put forth his own candidate for Prince, Nosferatu Justicar Cock Robin suggested Calebros to the council, who agreed to accept him as Prince.

Unhappy with this turn of events because his own candidate was not chosen, (nevermind that she herself had refused it) Brujah Justicar Pasceak issued an order stating that Calebros's position as Prince of the New York Domain was 'provisional' and that without final ratification from the Camarilla Council, no mere primogen council would be able to 'elect' a prince. Calebros could stay and help the domain rebuild until such time a more suitable candidate arrived.

Notified of trouble brewing in the Seattle Domain and hearing rumors that Victoria Ash had changed her mind and had designs on the seat of the Princedom in New York, Prince Calebros opened up a dialogue with Malkavian Justicar Maris Streck regarding the fate of Rose Carmichael, the de-facto Prince of the Seattle Domain. The Justicar had determined that Rose Carmichael was unprepared for her role as Prince, and that the Camarilla could not afford to lose another west coast domain to Anarchs or Sabbat.

Prince Calebros offered to use his resources to assist Prince Siegfried of the Vancouver Domain in retaking the domain from the Sabbat in exchange for quietly abdicating the Princedom for the New York Domain for the more manageable domain of Seattle, former home of the deceased Nosferatu Justicar Petrodon.

With the arrival of the noted Ventrue from Boston, Isaac Goldwin, Calebros and Goldwin had a very public and vicious spat, whereby lines were drawn, and faced with a city seemingly divided against him, Calebros abdicated the domain to Goldwin's claim of Praxis and slunk back into the sewers with surprisingly little resistance from the Fecal Regal.

Calebros is rumored to have gone south to the war-torn city of Los Angeles.

At the Grand Conclave of 2011, Calebros succeeded Cock Robin as the Justicar of Clan Nosferatu.

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