Catie Foster

Catherine Jane Foster-Dermott was the wife of Angus Dermott, and sister of David Courtney (formerly Carlo Giovanni), both of Clan Gangrel. She was the 'mother' of the Caitiff Lucas Bridges.

She was the childer of the explorer Malkavian known as The First, a broodmate of the Malkavian seer Daddy. The First has not been seen in Europe or on the North American continent for over eighty years. Catie entered the city of Seattle in 2005 from the state of Ohio, under the name Regan Kelly. At the time, she was claiming membership in Clan Gangrel.

Shortly after the arrival of Daddy, sire of Arlo Braven, it was revealed that she was in fact the long lost childer of Daddy's broodmate, and had been dominated by an elder Malkavian as an obscure 'lesson' against the Gangrel after they left the Camarilla. Catherine was known to have traveled for some time across the North American continent before her arrival in Seattle. She was given to visions both religious and apocalyptic in nature, seemed to suffer from multiple personalities and bizarre trance states, and claimed the end of Seattle (and the world) was imminent. She used gun fighting skills as a participant in the raid that recovered the Toreador Charisma Starr from the hands of the Sabbat. She served as Malkavian Whip under the Primogenship of Daddy.

Daddy and Catherine met Final Death in March, 2006 in their haven.

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