Chicago Illinois

Camarilla Domain:

Prince - Millicent Capone, Clan Ventrue (by recent Praxis)
Seneschal - Laura C. Poole, Clan Tremere
Scourge - Henry Thomas, Clan Toreador
Greater Harpy - Fat Tony Clan Ventrue

Mitchell Carson, Clan Brujah
Colette Duransier, Clan Malkavian
Devon Reynolds, Clan Brujah

Character History:

Samantha Kennedy resided in Chicago from 1942 to 1960. Was Primogen of clan Toreador for several years during this time. Rumor was she stepped down from the position to take on a prodigy. With little warning, Samantha left in the fall of 1960.

Scion resided 1920's - He was in Chicago in the 20's, a little more clean cut, but still on the outskirts of Kindred society, still Independent, still distrusted by many because of his old Sabbat ties. Stories about this time in Scion's history include the tale of him rescuing the puppy of a Brujah ghoul only to tell her to 'Scram' shortly afterward.

Peter Smith was born and resided in Chicago as a mortal, circa 1918-1946.

Colin Colosimo appears as a teenager in the crime gang of "Big Jim" Colosimo starting around 1910; involved in protection rackets and brothels. Investigation would yield people jokingly referring to him as "Dames Protection Boss." Associated with Fiona Keith beginning 1919.

Eugene Krantz Arrived in Chicago on December 31st, 1899. Accepted into the city by Prince Lodin under a rare notion of goodwill, brought about by the changing of the century. Nominally a member of the Camarilla, 'Gene K.' eked out an unliving as an art dealer, both of the authentic and otherwise.

WoD History

2004 - In a bloody Praxis, Millicent Capone took the Princedom of Chicago. Residents of Chicago said the old Prince "had it comin'."

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