The mediterannean Sorceress Circe is a loyal friend and ally to the Prince, Isaac Goldwin, having served under him for many years as his deputy in Baltimore.

The Tremere is a powerful master of the Blood Arts, and a cunning and practiced warrior. She herself is one of the few women among the 'Old Boys Club' of the Tremere that is afforded respect for her prowess so wideley. Part of this is her skill with certain forgotten arts of Thaumaturgy, and part of this is due to her natural charisma and powerful friends, such as the Prince himself, Isaac Goldwin.

Decidedly un-officious for a member of House Tremere, Circe is just as likeley to be seen brawling with the Brujah for fun and practice as she is to be seen locked away in the Chantry studying the rituals of her Thaumaturgical path. This has resulted in a wide variety of clans in which she is held in reasonabley high regard.

Circe's reputation for physical prowess in the arts of war is by no means out of proportion, however some of the stories regarding her victories can be assumed to be owed in part to her loyal companion and bodyguard, the Gargoyle Atlas.

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