Antediluvian Timelines

Earliest occurrence of a Clan

Assamite (Haquim) - Pre-Flood*
Brujah - Pre-Flood* (Diablerized by own childe, Troile)
Cappadocians - Pre-Flood* (Diablerized by Augustus Giovanni, 1444AD)
Followers of Set (Sutekh) - Pre-Flood*
Gangrel (Ennoia) - Pre-Flood*
Giovanni - 1444AD
Lasombra - Pre-Flood* (Diablerized by Gratiano, ~1100AD)
Malkavian - Pre-Flood*
Nosferatu (Absimilliard) - Pre-Flood*
Ravnos - Pre-Flood* (Died in Bangladesh in June 1999. Cause of Death: Cathayans, Technocracy, crazy ass sun mirror satellites.)
Salubri - Pre-Flood* (Diablerized by Tremere, 1133AD)
Toreador - Pre-Flood*
Tremere - 1022AD (Become a vampire clan. 848AD Earliest appearence as Magi.)
Tzimisce - Pre-Flood*
Ventrue - Pre-Flood*

*Pre-flood (Antediluvians) are generally thought by Kindred scholars to have come into existance some time between or before 8000 and 10000 BC. (Some scholars place the Great Flood at 10000 BC

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