Clark Davis

Mini Timeline:

Boston, MA 1885-1931 (Ghouled 1920)
London, England 1931-1955 (Embraced 1945)
Baltimore, MD 1955-2000
New York, NY 2000-2006 (Ventrue Whip of New York City)
Seattle, WA 2006-Present


Sargon of Akkad (23rd Century BC - ?, Possibly in Torpor)
Aristides (4th Century BC - ?, Possibly in Torpor)
Quintus Septima Seneca (1st Century AD - 1611)
John Bennett (Born 1400, Embraced 1445 AD, still active)
Henry Morton Stanley (Born 1841 AD, Embraced 1895 AD, still active, resides in New York, NY)

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