Clover Mcreedus

Clan Gangrel

Basic Timeline:
1955 - Introduced as a Wartime Embrace to the fractured Camarilla Court of New York, NY

1998-2001 - Gains status as a hunter and coordinator in the sweeps that Prince Calebros creates to hunt down active Sabbat Packs in Manhattan and the Lower East Side.

2001 - Leaves New York, NY for Oklahoma City, OK.

2001-2006 - Resides in Oklahoma City, OK, little activity of note.

2006 - 2007 - Resident of Seattle, WA.

November 2007 - Meets final death while fighting off an attack from a Sabbat Paladin's personal War Pack.

Detailed History:

Clover was introduced to the New York Court (such as it was) in 1955 by her Sire Randolph McReedus who claimed her as a war time embrace that was ready to be released from the accounting. Due to the frequent turn over of local Princes from Prohibition through the 1980s, this was not only a common occurrence but was quietly encouraged by whomever was in power to his or her allies. As McReedus had made it his business to provide transportation and feeding support for many respected elders, his transgressions (such as they were), went uncommented.

Clover and her broodmate Kale McReedus gained attention as loyal soldiers and effective hunters during Calebros's organized retaking of New York City at the turn of the Century. They frequently worked with the Malkavian Peter Smith to scout possible pack havens and disrupt small groups of enemy.

In 2001, Clover and Kale McReedus left New York, NY for Oklahoma City, OK under quiet but strange circumstances. In Oklahoma, they did little to draw attention to themselves. Both left Oklahoma in late 2006 for Seattle, WA.

At the end of 2007, Clover was present with most of her Clan at the Steven's Pass battle with a Sabbat Paladin's War Pack. Clover was destroyed in the battle, meeting final death at the blade of an Assamite Antitribu.

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