Cole Murphy

Barbados (1655-1710) Cole was a bonded slave and later Setite ghoul. Known to have freed the staked brujah elder Roth Caladon and then escape with him. Was rewarded with the embraced and together they killed a ton of Setites.

Dublin (1750-1800) Cole Murphy became involved in the Irish Independence movement and was an anarch at the time. He was known to have had a major brawl with Deimos over the slaughter of a convent.

Virginia: (1800-1900): Cole joined the Camarilla for some unknown reason and became heavily involved in the Abolition movement and later the Reconstruction movement. Cole was almost known to have gotten into a major feud with a Sabbat Setite named Angus. He left Virginia after he killed Angus in a duel.

Saint Louis, MO: (1914-2006): Cole moved to Saint Louis to live with his sire. He became Deputy for forty years. He spent much of his time fighting with Angus’s pack and feuding with Acrimony. After decades of service, Cole retired quietly and left the city.

Seattle, WA: (2006): Cole moved to Seattle in December 2006 and hasn’t explained why to anyone. Cole was at the battle against Whitmore and stayed until the very end.

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