Cornelius Wolfgang Faust Giovanni

Cornelius Wolfgang Faust Giovanni
Master of the House

Herr Faust, hailed from Berlin, Germany. Herr Faust has spent most of his life profiting of the wars and conflicts of the world. Herr Faust has gained and lost more profits in most of the wars since the fifteenth century that most have ever seen in their feeble existence. And in closing Diese Sache Von Unseren, or La Costa Nostra. Oh I see, you are not educated in either German or Italian. Those two phrases mean "This thing of ours? Ci capiamo, eh? A quote from Les Miserables says it all.

"Master of the house
Quick to catch yer eye
Never wants a passerby
To pass him by
Servant to the poor
Butler to the great
Comforter, philosopher,
And lifelong mate!
Everybody’s boon companion
Everybody’s chaperone
But lock up your valises
Jesus! Won’t I skin you to the bone!"

Where there is profit to be made Herr Faust is sure to be found. As The organization's newest Seattle Don for the Giovanni. Herr Faust is looking forward to fleecing the denizens of Seattle of their worldly wears.
Should you be looking for Herr Faust it seems that he has taken a liking to frequenting The Gas Lamp Lounge Elysium. Kindrend of the Seattle area tend to say that The Gas Lamp Lounge is haunted with wraiths of the past, if so it seems not to bother the Necromancer known as Herr Faust. Perhaps the play is true and Herr Faust made a deal with the Devil. "La Costa Nostra"

Brief History of Faust while in the Emerald Domain

1900 - Hearing of an attempt by Arthur Denny, Doc Maynard and Henry Yesler to seize Praxis, Dawn O'Seanessy enters the Gaslight Lounge, Torpors all three Kindred and several others, including Thomas Mercer and brutally murders nearly every one of the Kine present.

In a weird ritual Faust and Mr. Hatt witness this event as if they are there as wraiths and no from the 1900's are aware of presence.

Only one mortal, Sarah Walker, the infant daughter of one of the Lounge's "working girls" survives. The violent basis of Seattle frontier politics is sealed in blood for generations to come.

1983- Comes to Seattle from Chicago to be Don of the Emerald City Giovanni.

2000 - Sarah Walker, the only survivor of the Gaslight Lounge Massacre dies of old age at the age of 102. In her will, she leaves instructions to deliver letters to the current Kindred residents of Seattle inviting them to the Gaslight Lounge. All who receive a letter feel inexorably drawn to the gentleman's club. The Gaslight Lounge becomes a powerful Haunt. Shortly after Faust is given domain of the Gaslight by Venture Prince Isaac Goldwin.

2003-The Gaslight Lounge's mystical properties appear to vanish.
The Gaslight Lounge inexplicably 're-lights' and all Kindred in the Emerald Domain are drawn to it on Christmas Eve.

The Tarot Card Murders occur. Both Kindred and Kine are murdered. Later details and cause of the murders are summarily denied by local Camarilla leadership. The Justicariat chooses not to press the issue publicly. Note "the ancient was the cause of the murders.

A creature known as 'the Ancient' resurfaces and is destroyed by a coterie,called the 'Ghost Ship Coterie', led by Don Faust Giovanni. All but one of it's members remain alive. The others having perished in various manners. The Ancient identified itself as a 'Harbinger of Skulls', possibly an infernalist.

2004 - The founding fathers of the Emerald Domain, Henry Yesler, Doc Maynard and Arthur Denny are executed by the Prince of Madrid, Spain, Dawn O'Seanessey AKA Lou Graham at the behest of Prince Calebros for breaches of the Traditions. Shortly after Faust notices them as wraiths at the Gaslight lounge.

1983 -2006 Don of the Emerald City Giovanni
2006-2012 Berlin
2013 Returns to Emerald Domain
Banished from Emerald Domain by Don Durante on 21 SEP 2013 after being back in city for 5 weeks.
01 OCT 2013 Returned to Seattle
04 JAN 2014 Became Dom of The Gaslight Giovanni of Puyallup
Ambrogino Giovanni
Giuseppe Giovanni
Markus Musa Giovanni

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