Dallas Texas

Contested Camarilla/Sabbat Domain:

Prince - In absentia Janus Voltaire, Clan Tremere (the previous Prince met Final Death at the hands of the Sabbat)
Harpy - Marilyn Wilcox, Clan Toreador (Cam 3, Tor 4)
Lesser Harpy - Henry "Hank" Rodgers, Clan Ventrue (Cam 4, Ven 3)

Character History:

WoD History:

As one of the closest Camarilla Domains to the Sabbat Capitol of Mexico City, Mexico, Dallas is under near constant attack by Sabbat raiders. Most Camarilla agents 'hold the line' vs. the shovelhead waves, and have little time for courtly politics. Choosing a Prince is just the same as placing a bulls-eye on someone, and only seems to make the Sabbat more organized in their assaults.

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