Easy Wiki Tutorial

Ok, so you want to know how to use a Wiki. It's easy.

It works like this:

Editing stuff on a page

Every page can be edited by every person. You do that by clicking the edit button at the bottom of any page you want to change and then just like a message board post, you can add stuff, delete what others have written, add links, whatever you want to do - then hit save, and you've just added a little knowledge to the pool.

Creating a new page

If you want to create a new page, that's easy too. Maybe you decide you want to write the kindred history of Billings Montana.

You'd generally go to the WoD History by City page, click edit at the bottom, and type:

[[[Billings, MT]]]

Then you'd save it and it will take you back to the page, only the Billings, MT link will be light grey, indicating the page is blank. Click the link and it will ask you if you want to create a page. If you choose to, you get a new page you can add whatever information you want to!

Also, from then on, any time anyone changes a page and types:

[[[Billings, MT]]]
…it will always link back to that page you created.

Anyway, that's the basics. Pretty easy, huh?

You can also just create a page by typing a name for it in the little box at the bottom left. Just remember what you named it so you can add a link to it from other pages.

Italics bullet points and other stuff:

Once you hit edit you can see the little toolbar at the top. Just like a message boad post you can highlight any text you've typed and click a particular button to 'tag' it so that it shows up as bold, a link, or whatever you are trying to do.

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