Rumored to be former Prince Calebros's broodmate, Emmett is Calebros's right hand and a primary source of information. Emmett distunguished himself to the Camarilla during the Siege of New York, where he helped organize Camarilla strike teams that decimated Sabbat holdings within New York, and was instrumental in gathering the largest force of Nosferatu ever assmbled for war.

Entering the Emerald Domain before Calebros arrived, Emmett was able to effectively provide reconnisance and information about the west coast domains that Calebros wished to emigrate to, and knows more about the denizens of the Seattle domain than any of them would like.

Where Calebros is the statesman, Emmett is the fighter, scout and when needed, 'garbage man'. Those few who know him think he likes the job just fine.

Emmett is presumed to have followed his Calebros into LA.

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