Grand Harpy (North America) Erin O'Seanessy

Brujah by blood, Grand Harpy of North America, Erin O'Seanessy hails originally from Emerald Isle of Ireland, where she was mortal many years ago. It is perhaps ironic now that she exerts such influence over the Emerald Domain as Grand Harpy.

Fiercely loyal to the Camarilla, O'Seanessy is a far cry from the usual playboys and debutantes that have haunted the position of Grand Harpy in the past, seeming to personify the more brusque and to-the-point nature that both her blood and her charges in the Americas tend towards.

This isn't to say that she lacks refiement, however. Centuries immersed in Camarilla politics have found her well-prepared to deal with the nightly intrigues and scandals that are the crux of her employment. As an Author of Authors, her word has weight that Princes and Justicars heed, lest they fall prey to dangerous rumor and gain the unwelcome notice of the Camarilla Council itself.

Resides in Boston, MA.

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