Eugene Krantz

Clan: Toreador
Sire: Eliza Blair
Apparent Age: Late 20's
Born: ??
Embraced: ??
Played By: Ross S.

Camarilla Status: 4 (now invalid, as Eugene has become an Anarch)

Acknowledged: Prince Isaac Goldwin/Prince Rabane/Prince Novus Aeneas/Prince Jean-Lionel Martin/Prince Hans Madsen

Resourceful: Prince Isaac Goldwin: In recognition for resolving several issues in the Rack

Masquer: Prince Novus Aeneas: In recognition for - both single-handedly and in an assisting capacity - suppressing several Masquerade violations in the Emerald Domain

Stand-Up-Guy: Seneschal Chase Covington: In recognition for a well-organized Event (Hell Freezes Over 2010); good behavior; and residential tenure.

Capsule History
Eugene Krantz arrived in Seattle by way of Vancouver, B.C. in the Fall of 2006, ostensibly to avoid the inter-supernatural conflicts brewing in that city at the time. Regarded with much suspicion upon his arrival, given his past associations with the Anarchs of Los Angeles, Eugene has remained on the fringe of Seattle Society for the bulk of his tenure.

He firmly established himself as a resident of the Pioneer Square Rack, and gained particularly focused influence in the mortal world there. During his tenure he has - oftentimes single-handedly - resolved Masquerade breaches and other unseemly incidents that threatened his interests directly or indirectly.

In 2007 he saw his first turn as Toreador Primogen; a situation that lasted barely three months until his position was usurped by Mercedes Torres. Later in that year, and shortly after the ascension of Rabane to the Princedom, Eugene became the Keeper of Elysium, which he housed within The 9 Circles Club. He held this position for a few months, until his acerbic attitude towards all attendees (especially those high-ranking in the Camarilla), finally pressured Rabane into trying to pressure Eugene into an attitude adjustment. Such pressure caused Eugene to resign, rather than violate his principles.

Eugene remained relatively aloof until the Spring of 2008, when Novus Aeneas violently seized Praxis from the defunct Rabane. Aeneas then solicited Eugene to become his Seneschal or, as Aeneas christened the position, his "Proconsul." Eugene agreed, under certain terms of job freedoms, and thus became the second most powerful (at least politically) Kindred in the city of Seattle.

Eugene held the position for the better part of the next year, until once again his demeanor and attitude towards the majority of the population had angered enough of the Primogen that Aeneas felt compelled to end Eugene's service. And once more, Eugene drifted back to the fringes.

It was not long afterwards, in late 2008, that Eugene was once again compelled to take the position of Toreador Primogen, a position he held until the summer of 2010, when internal Clan arguments once more pushed him from the position, bestowing it upon Jared Albright. Albright held the role for a relatively short time before leaving Seattle to attend to other matters, after which the position fell once again, mainly by default, to Eugene.

It was around this same time that Prince Hans Madsen, in recognition of Eugene's long tenure in the Domain, as well as his high-profile efforts in defending the Pioneer Square Rack from both Masquerade breaches and other emergencies, officially ceded the Pioneer Square neighborhood to Eugene as his Personal Domain, as well as the Right of Embrace. These gifts were a surprise to many, and rumors persist as to what caused Madsen to look so favorably on someone generally considered unpalatable.

In the Winter of 2010, Eugene made what, for him, was a monumental decision: that of creating a Childe. Having gained ownership of a Ghoul, Violet Puggot, as a means of Boon repayment by the troublemaker Toreador Ellis, Eugene decided (seemingly on a whim) to Embrace the girl, exercising the Right of Embrace bestowed upon him by Prince Hans Madsen previously.

In January of 2011, Eugene Krantz was assaulted while attending to his club, The 9 Circles. Reportedly staked and carried-off, rumors of his current whereabouts, indeed very survival, were sketchy.

Eugene resurfaced in October of 2011, walking into the Nocturne Theater Elysium of Los Angeles, California, to announce his presence. Though a former Seneschal of Seattle, he received a chilly welcome from the locals, many of whom remembered his more-than-cozy relationship with the 'Free State' during its heyday. Rumors were soon confirmed that Eugene's kidnapping from Seattle was, in fact, ochestrated by his own Sire, Eliza Blair, who used the intervening time to 'educate' her Childe about the Clan, the Camarilla, and herself.

Eugene soon paid a call to his old Ally, Nines Rodriguez, and received a stark update on the state of the world: the Camarilla post-Bowesley Doctrine, the secession of much of the Brujah, and a new war for independence brewing amongst the L.A. Anarchs. Captured by old friends and even older sentiments, Eugene decided to join Nines in trying to retake Los Angeles for freedom, and finally, officially, join the Anarch cause.

Swinging by Seattle one last time, Eugene took the lay of the land: finding that his Childe had vanished, that his club had passed through several hands in his absence, and that many of his local allies had gone into seclusion or had been killed in his time away, Eugene felt his ties to the city all but faded.

Like Damien before him, Eugene passed ownership of the 9 Circles to to an unsuspecting resident of the city, and quietly took his leave, silently hoping that his club would be the one masterpiece of his creation to outlive even his own memory.

The 9 Circles Club
Eugene Krantz was the shadow-owner and proprietor of The 9 Circles Club, a goth/industrial nightclub located at 2nd and South Washington in Pioneer Square. Previously a thrash-metal Club named Hammerstead, the building was 'Willed' to Eugene in late 2006 by the Brujah Damien, who met the Final Death under mysterious circumstances.

The 9 Circles Club - its facilities, employees, contents, and immediate external vicinity - was recognized as Eugene's personal Domain in Seattle, and he rabidly defended this fact on occasions too numerous to count, both verbally and martially.

Eugene Krantz's Known Timeline:
Chicago, IL : December 31st, 1899 - 1920
Los Angeles, CA : 1920 - 2005
Vancouver, British Columbia : 2005 - 2006
Seattle, WA : 2006 - January 2011
Los Angeles, CA January 2011 - Present

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