Hans Madsen

With a well established reputation across both the Old World and the New as a shrewd businessman and masterful social engineer, Hans Madsen ended a long absence from the spotlight of direct Camarilla Politics by bloodlessly taking Praxis of Seattle from then-prince Jean-Lionel Martin. As Madsen has forged his name by redeeming lost causes and salvaging profit from seemingly impossible odds, many suspect that taking the reins of a chaotic domain like Seattle was simply another calculated investment for this prototype merchant prince.

Madsen's public history dates farther back than the Camarilla itself and he has been a staunch supporter of the Society since the Convention of Thorns. Madsen's political star began to rise centuries ago in Prague where he served as Harpy and guided the City's political character through multiple Praxis and wars both supernatural and mortal. During the industrial revolution, Madsen excused himself from direct political action, choosing to travel the world and sell his services as a master trainer of ghouls and Kindred otherwise marked as 'too incompetent to live'.

Having spent the better part of the last two centuries as a respected Elder-About-Court in the sleepy domain of Aspen Colorado, Madsen shocked his peers neighbors by throwing his lot in with the turbulent fate of the Emerald City. With allies and a support network that spans continents as well as the mercantile acumen and political savvy that earned him his place among respected elders centuries ago, many suspect Madsen's seemingly impetuous and bold taking of Seattle was in fact the culmination of many years of effort and intrigue. This proved true when Madsen, owing to the establishment of the Bowsley Doctrine of consolidating multiple Domains under one central rule, took 'kingship' over the entire Northwest region of the United States, installing a protege Prince in his stead.

Whatever the purpose or truth behind Madsen's rise to the Throne of the Northwest, the one fact that those familiar with him can agree upon is that Madsen's expert stewardship of power led to his Princedom and ultimately another step in a long, well planned series of moves in the great game of Elders.

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