Hollywood California

This small area of LA is contested between Anarchs and the Camarilla.

Lou Meyer, Clan Toreador

Anarch Barony:

Baron Isaac Abrams - Ventrue

Character History:

Scion resided from 1940's - 1950's - Scion spent the 40's and 50's in Hollywood, still staying pretty low profile, but playing nice with the Anarchs in the newly formed Free States, still remaining Independent. It is rumored that Scion did some work for the US war effort during this period, and later saw a brief period of minor celebrity on the arm of Toreador Layla Lebarre who ran in Hollywood circles in 1947. After that period Scion again became a recluse, hiding out in a hotel in Hollywood until near the end of the 50's.

WoD History:

Almost every Toreador worth her salt has been there, though few will admit it.

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