How To Add Your Character S Timeline

How to add your character's timeline:

A Wiki is a type of webpage everyone can update and contribute to, a lot like our message boards. And just like our message boards if you want to add links, italics or bold text, one of the ways you can do that is by highlighting some text and clicking a function from a toolbar full of options. If you know the tags that create italics or whatever you can always just add that bit into the text you type and when you submit it, there you go. This Wiki is pretty similar to that. Think of it like each page is a seperate post, and we can all edit everybody else's posts, if that helps.

Check out What is a Wiki Site? to learn a bit more, and then How to edit pages?. If you think it's really hard, it's not. If you've ever edited one of your own posts on the message boards, this will be a snap.

Once you think you've got it, but you're worried about messing something up on the page or something, you can always try making a test page in The Sandbox. It's a good idea to mess around in there and try creating a page or two. You'll most likely get the hang of it pretty quickly.


If you have any questions beyond that, read my Easy Wiki Tutorial on how to use this wikidot page. If you really get stuck, email me, your friendly neigborhood webmonkey at moc.selcinorhcyticdlareme|yeknombew#moc.selcinorhcyticdlareme|yeknombew

Please try to be patient, as this is new to all of us - and keep in mind, once you get the hang of it, you can add a blurb about how to do stuff on the Tutorial page too!

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