Indianapolis Indiana

Contested Camarilla/Sabbat:

No Current Prince or Archbishop (at least not for very long)

Character History:

WoD History:

Constant squabbles for territory mar the reputation of the Indianapolis Domain, and bickering Kindred have so often fallen prey to each other that the few disorganized packs of Sabbat that regularly raid the city need do very little to win - though they lack the cohesion and vision to do so due to their own nearly constant struggles for monomacy. Perhaps there is an outside force directing these squabbles, something powerful and sinister pulling the strings of the entire domain.

Most Kindred experts aggree, that's probably not the case. Indianapolis simply seems to lack strong leadership on either side of the fight, and noone from the Camarilla is willing to risk their reputation trying to lead a Domain with such a poor history, lest they be dragged down with it, so the squabbling, Prince of the Month mediocrity continues.

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