Jerry The Anarch

Jerry 'The Anarch' O'riley is just another working ‘stiff’ trying to make his way in the world, ‘Jerry the Anarch’ as he is known in certain circles has a knack for this and that. He knows people who know things, knows people who can get things, and knows how to get himself into trouble along the way.

Jerry’s first story when arriving in the Emerald Domain of Seattle, WA was that he was just visiting from down south. While that was technically true, his reasons for coming up to Seattle bare more scrutiny.

There are a few here and there that know the real story about Jerry’s often beleaguered existence, but few can say why he keeps coming back for more. Obviously finds Seattle to be somewhat hospitable, despite the lousy reception he often gets when speaking with so called ‘civilized’ vampires, but then again, maybe there’s something he’s looking for something more than just Boons and money after all. Perhaps turgid waters may too run deep…

Yeah right.

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