Karl Magnusson

Born among the fjords of Norway, Karl was a skald and scholar in life, dedicated to the preservation of the old ways of his people in the face of the imminent Christianization of Scandinavia. After being assaulted by the soldiers of the new Christian king, he was Embraced by Laufi Black-Tongue, a Gangrel in the service of the All-High at Uppsala.

After the burning of the temple of the All-High and the scattering of the Aesir, he traveled the world, seeking out other groups of Clan Gangrel and passing on knowledge as a teacher and wise-man. He entered torpor on the Faroe Islands in 1357, awakening in 1881.

After a period of time to adjust to the new world he awoke to, he went west over the sea to America in the 1920s, and has been slowly moving west ever since.

Karl took part in the Sabbat siege of Detroit in 1941, where the Sabbat used the chaos of the union riots to wage a silent war against the Kindred of the city, wiping out almost one-quarter of the Camarilla members that dwelt there.

He prevented a Lupine-Gangrel war in Minneapolis in 1957 by scouting out the Lupine territory and returning with vital intelligence on their numbers and confirmation of an old legend regarding silver and werewolves. He is given the deed-name Silverclaw.

Karl's Timeline:

Embraced 1118 near Oslo, Norway
Resided in Uppsala, Sweden from 1118-1245
Resided in Constantinople from 1246-1322
Resided in Reykjavik, Iceland from 1323-1339
Resided in Faroe Islands from 1339-1357
->Torpor in Faroe Islands from 1357-1881
Resided in Cordoba, Spain from 1882-1910
Resided in Lund, Sweden from 1911-1921
Resided in Dublin, Ireland from 1922-1924
Resided in Oslo, Norway from 1924-1926
Resided in Detroit, Michigan from 1927-1948
Resided in Minneapolis, Minnesota from 1948-2013
Resided in Seattle, WA from 2013-Present

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