Lady Johanna Byerly

A notable Tremere among the North American ranks, Lady Byerly hails from Vancouver, BC, Prince Siegfried's court. Her power among the local Tremere is undisputed, and she is most noted for he knowledge of spiritual phenomenon outside of the 'normal' ken of vampires. She is also adept at creating mystic barriers agains incursions by a number of supernatural creatures, a nessecary skill when one lives in a domain that regularly trucks with Lupines and Kuei-Jin.

Lady Byerly has been keeping a close eye on the goings on within the west coast of North America, and no doubt has plans for the fledgeling domains of Vancover and Seattle to once again allow for an august body of Tremere to keep their Chantries there.

Lady Byerly is credited for assisting the Camarilla in retaking Vancouver from the Sabbat, and assisting Seattle in ridding itself of a Demonic threat that had taken root there. She is a shrewd economist, and many powerful Kindred owe her boons for her mystical work. Her loyalty to House Tremere is rumored unshakable, allthough she shows a rare tolerance for other clans.

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