London England

Camarilla Domain:

Prince - Anne Bowsley, Clan Ventrue AKA "The White Queen"
Greater Harpies - The Volker Sisters, Clan Ventrue
Lesser Harpy - Count Garric, Clan Ventrue
Sheriff - Cedric Welby, Clan Gangrel

Gitane St. Claire, Clan Gangrel
Cyril Masters, Clan Ventrue
Davrian Rockefeller, Clan Ventrue
Kenneth Ashland, Clan Ventrue
Lydia Warburton, Clan Toreador
Badger Wilcox, Clan Nosferatu
Snaggle, Clan Nosferatu

Character History:

David Price resides here from 1636 to 1806 (embraced 1636).
Clark Davis resides here from 1931 to 1955, initially as ghoul of Sir Henry Morton Stanley, Clan Ventrue, and embraced by Stanley in 1945.
Roland Thatcher resides here from 1950 to 2006. Embraced in 1974 childe of Sir Jonathan Windham.
Chloe Livingston resides here from 1938 to 1955 and then again from 1980 to 1995.
Augustus Fellows resides here from 1939 to 1964. Augustus introduces his bloodwine to the Court of London and works to ease tensions between the Tremere and the rest of the Court.
Samantha Kennedy arriving in late June 2009, Samantha resides in London though is very quiet and not active in the political scene at all.

WoD History:

43 - Claudius undertakes the conquest of England. [WoD, p9] (Londinium founded)
60 - Londinium sacked by the Iceni led by the their queen Boudica.
120 - Londinium reaches population of around 60,000 inhabitants.
200 - Roman Britain was divided into two provinces, Britannia Superior (Upper Britain) and Britannia Inferior (Lower Britain). London remained capital of Upper Britain, whilst Eboracum (York) became capital of Lower Britain.
410 - Roman occupation of Britain officially comes to an end.
6th century - Anglo-Saxons began to inhabit the area.
7th Century - a Saxon village and trading centre named Lundenwic ("London settlement")[3] was established approximately one mile to the west of Londinium
730 - Mercian's take control of London.
825 - Wessex ousts the Mercians. gains lordship.
830 - Attacks from Vikings became increasingly common.
878 - Earl Aethelred of Mercia, who was the heir to the destroyed Kingdom of Mercia, appointed first Governor of London.
978 - Laws of London issued by King Aethelred the Unready
1013 - London besieged by Vikings. Aethered fled abroad. King Sven died but his son Canute contined the attacks and eventually overran the city.
1042 - Edward the Confessor takes the throne.
1066 - The Norman invasion of Britain - medieval period begins.
1067 - William the Conqueror also granted a charter in upholding previous Saxon rights, privileges and laws.
1097 - William Rufus, began construction of 'Westminster Hall'. The hall was to become the basis of the Palace of Westminster which, throughout the Mediæval period, was the prime royal residence.
1176 - construction of the London Bridge
1216 - the First Barons' War.
1300 - Population roughly 80,000.
1381 - The Peasant's Revolt. A group of peasants stormed the Tower of London and executed the Lord Chancellor, Archbishop Simon Sudbury, and the Lord Treasurer. The peasants looted the city and set fire to numerous buildings. Tyler was stabbed to death by the Lord Mayor William Walworth in a confrontation at Smithfield, thus ending the revolt.
1485 - The War of the Roses ends when Henry Tudor seized the English throne as Henry VII and married Elizabeth of York.
1530 - The Reformation begins.
1533 - Queen Elizabeth I takes the throne.
1553, Lady Jane Grey was received at the Tower of London as queen, but the lord mayor, aldermen and recorder soon changed course and proclaimed Mary I of England queen instead.
1555 - The Russia Company established
1564 - William Shakespeare born.
1599 - The Globe Theatre established
1600 - The East India Company established
1605 - population 225,000
1625 - Charles I acceded to the throne
1666 - The Great Plague sweeps through London. Approximately 60,000 people died, which was one fifth of the population.

  • The Great Fire of London burns for 5 days. destroyed about 60% of the City, including Old St Paul's Cathedral, 87 parish churches, 44 livery company halls and the Royal Exchange.

1694 - The Bank of England is founded.
1707 - Queen Anne ascends the throne.
1707 - Act of Union was passed merging the Scottish and the English Parliaments, thus establishing The Kingdom of Great Britain.
1750 - The Bow Street Runners were established as a professional police force. Penalties for crime were harsh, with the death penalty being applied for fairly minor crimes. Public hangings were common in London, and were popular public events.
1780 - The Gordon Riots, an uprising by Protestants against Roman Catholic emancipation led by Lord George Gordon.
1787 - Freed slaves from London, America, and many of Britain's colonies founded Freetown in modern-day Sierra Leone.
1800 - Population 1 million.
1812 - Charles Dickens born.
1829 the prime minister Robert Peel established the Metropolitan Police as a police force covering the entire urban area. The force gained the nickname of "bobbies".
1836 - First London railway constructed from the London Bridge to Greenwich.
1863 - the first lines of the London Underground were constructed.
1888 - Jack the Ripper at large.
1914 - World War I begins
1939 - World War II begins
1952 - The Great Smog, caused by climate conditions and coal smoke lasts 5 days and kills 4000 people
1960 - The Beatles form
1962 - The Rolling Stones form
1981 - The Brixton Riots occur.
1970 - The IRA begins conducting terrorist attacks in London.
1980 - London's central administration is completely dismantled by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's conservative government. This left London as the only large metropolis in the world without a central administration.
2000 - London-wide government was restored, with the creation of the Greater London Authority (GLA) by Tony Blair's government
2003 — Population 7,387,900
2005 - London Underground bombed by terrorists.
2011 - The Queen declares all of the Domains of the UK and British Isles as Her consolidated Domain; remains Her Domain 'The United Kingdoms'

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