Los Angeles California

Contested Camarilla Domain/Anarch Baronies

Smiling Jack - Brujah Elder
Skelter - Brujah
Damsel - Brujah
Gwen Raiden - Brujah
Isaac Abrams - Toreador, Baron of Hollywood
Nines Rodriguez - Brujah, Baron of Santa Monica

Sebastian LaCroix - Ventrue, Prince of Los Angeles
Gary Golden - Nosferatu Primogen
Emmett - Nosferatu
Eliza Blair - Toreador Primogen
Martin Balsam - Ventrue Whip
Mom - Harpy

Character History:

Scion resided late 1990's - early 2000's - Scion, moved to Los Angeles and really began to make a name for himself as a Sabbat hunter throughout the late 90's and early turn of the century. After defeating a large nest of Sabbat he was approached by a powerful elder with ties to the Camarilla and he and his recently Embraced Childer Cordelia Vanderhoff were offered membership in the Sect. Both Scion and Cordelia agreed and Scion supported the Ventrue Sebastian LeCroix in his bid to claim Los Angeles as a Camarilla Domain. (mostly by killing Sabbat to prove the 'might' of the Camarilla.)

Chloe Livingston moved to Los Angeles at the request of Sebastian LeCroix in 1995. She owns a jewerly shop named Chloe's Crystals. In 1996, she was awarded Ventrue Clan status for a service performed for Prince Sebastian. She is a member in good standing of the Los Angeles court. She temporarily moved to Seattle in 2007 to pursue business opportunities as well as personal business.

Eugene Krantz migrated to Los Angeles at the beginning of Prohibition in 1920, as the climate in Chicago was becoming too claustrophobic and combative. Opened 'The Double-K Diner' that year, and over the next seven decades would maintain the establishment, in various incarnations to keep up with the times, until its mysterious immolation in 1995. Eugene weathered the Anarch takeover of the Free State in 1942, mainly due to his fortuitous relationship with Nines Rodriguez.

WoD History:

2007 - A three way war rages on the streets of L.A. between the Anarchs, the Cathayans and the Camarilla.

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