New Orleans Louisiana

Camarilla City

Prince - Dr. Buzzard

Character History:

Alixandra Lamoureux - Ventrue - Part of war party to reclaim New Orleans - September 2006 thru present
Cami Ella Smith - Brujah - Infiltrator/Sabbat Hunter - September 2006 thru October 2007
Marcia Gibbert - Clan Giovanni

WoD History:

2003 - New Orleans, LA fell to the Sabbat.
2004 - Hurricane Katrina and it's aftermath took a heavy toll on Sabbat forces there. The domain is arguably the most hotly contested Domain in North America.
2007 - After nearly four years of pitched fighting, the Camarilla tentatively reclaims New Orleans, LA from the Sabbat, though it is still somewhat contested by the Sabbat.
2011 - The final nested covens of the Sabbat are routed by the Camarilla forces, due in part to intelligence gained from defections. Dr. Buzzard claims Praxis.

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