New York, New York

Camarilla Domain:

Prince - Victoria Ash, Clan Toreador
Harpy - Tracy Donaldson, Clan Toreador (Cam 2, Tor 2)
Lesser Harpy - Angelo Martelli, Clan Brujah (Cam 3, Bru 2)
Pug - Nosferatu Primogen
Valentine - Ventrue Primogen
Sean McPherson - Ventrue Whip
Sarah Bowers - Brujah Primogen
Gerhardt Claussen Clan Toreador

Character History:
Samantha Kennedy resided here from 1960 to 1994. Served as deputy Harpy, Whip and received status Cherished from Primogen Brendan Cross. Left NY after "Sabbat attack" on her club killed Cross and her childe Lucius.
Aisling Sturbridge - Clan Tremere
Anatole, Clan Malkavian
Anwar, Clan Assamite
Bertrand Vintner - Clan Toreador, recent embrace, Childe of Miranda
Cassandra "Cass" Washington - Clan Nosferatu
Charles "Chas" Giovanni Tello - Clan Giovanni
Clark Davis resided here from 2000-2006, acted as Ventrue Whip of New York.
Clover McReedus - Clan Gangrel. Childe of Randolph McReedus. Resident of New York City from 1955 - 2001. Gained prominence in the Sabbat War.
Colin Colosimo Ghoul to Fiona Keith. 1960-2000. Involved in Sabbat war.
Eva FitsGerald, Clan Tremere
Francis "Frankie Gee" Giovanni - Clan Giovanni
Jeremiah - Clan Nosferatu
Kale McReedus - Clan Gangrel. Childe of Randolph McReedus. Resident of New York City from 1955 - 2001. Gained prominence in the Sabbat War.
Michaela - Clan Ventrue
Miranda - Clan Toreador - Elder
Peter Smith - Clan Malkavian. Resided 1956 - 2006, gained prominence in Sabbat war
Ramona Tanner-Childe - Clan Gangrel
Randolph McReedus - Clan Gangrel. Resident of New York since approx 1810. Gangrel Primogen from 1856 to 1861. Gained prominence helping elders establish toeholds in local influences and safe residences in upstate New York during the Sabbat occupation from the 1930s through the retaking in 1998. Currently a respected, influential elder.
Scion - Clan Gangrel. Resided 1850 - 1918 - Scion went to New York as an independent who stayed mostly out of clan or sect politics. He was a dirty, antisocial dude there who lived on rats and stayed on the down low. He did odd jobs for the Nosferatu in return for a disgusting corner of the sewers where he hid out. Also returned in 1970's, Scion returned to New York and became much more of a recluse again after he could not stop himself from feeding on a mortal who had been shot in a late night donut shop robbery. He sank once again into exile, hiding in a small corner of the sewers of New York, paying 'rent' to the local Nosferatu.
Sir Henry Morton Stanley, Clan Ventrue
Yuri Ribsic resided 2002 - 2005, helped in the Camarilla retake of New York
Cynthia Bower resided 1996 - March 2008
Spiridon Kentaris resided 2003-2008

WoD History:
1980 - The Sabbat successfully gain control of New York under the leadership of Sabbat Cardinal Polonia (Lasombra)
1999 - At the Battle of Throg's Neck, Cardinal Polonia meets Final Death
1999 - Under the leadership of the Nosferatu tactician Calebros, the city of New York is retaken for the Camarilla
2000 - Justicars Jaroslav Pasceak (Brujah) and Lucinde (Ventrue) offer the Princedom of the New York Domain to Toreador Victoria Ash - shockingly, she refuses them.
Calebros is made the 'provisional' Prince of New York.
2004 - Responding to a request for aid from formerly Independent Prince Siegfried of Vancouver, British Columbia, Calebros travels to the west coast. In his absence, Victoria Ash stages a coup and becomes the Prince of New York. Calebros immediately claims the Princedom of the Seattle, WA Domain.

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