Out Of Domain NPCs

This page is dedicated to listing NPCs that may (with Storyteller permission), possibly be taken as Allies, Contacts or perhaps Mentors, Sires, Childer, Enemies, etc. Restrictions do apply. It is unlikely that your character will have much contact with other Princes, Archons, Justicars or Grand Harpies for example.

The Authors of Opinion - Grand Harpies

Greater and Lesser Harpies of individual domains are listed by City in the WoD History by City section.

  • Grand Harpy of America (North America) - Erin O'Seanessy
  • Grand Harpy of Latin America (Central America) -
  • Grand Harpy of South America -
  • Grand Harpy of The Dark Continent (Africa) -
  • Grand Harpy of the West (Western Europe) -
  • Grand Harpy of the East (Eastern Europe) - Bernhard Jans, Clan Toreador (Cam 3, Tor 2)
  • Grand Harpy of Down Under (Australia) -
  • Grand Harpy of Persia and the Holy Lands (The Middle East) -
  • Grand Harpy of the Orient (Asia) - Deceased (Assasinated by Cathayans)

The Symposium - The Princes

Princes and their courts, including a particular domain's Seneschal, Sheriff, Scourge, Greater and Lesser Harpies, etc. are listed by City in the WoD History by City section. Their Anarch or Sabbat counterparts (Archbishops, Barons, etc) are also listed by city. If you don't see a name there for a contact you'd like to purchase, talk to your STs - who either may not have documented it yet, or they may create the NPCs with your assistance and add it to the world!

The Judges of the Dead - The Justicariat

The Others - Independents, Cityless & Unknown.

This section is for NPCs that don't fit into any catagory above and don't reside near a particular city.

Anatole - Malkavian
Arlo Braven - Malkavian
Danya - Ravnos
Fatima al-Faquadi - Assamite (Child of Haquim)
Fox - Gangrel
Hesha Ruhadze - Clan Setite
Hazimel - Clan Ravnos
Jerry the Anarch - Anarch Brujah
Khalil Ravana - Clan Ravnos
Lucita of Aragon - Lasombra antitribu
Lucius - Clan Unknown
Nikolai - Tremere antitribu
Roger MacEllen - Clan Lasombra.
Talley - Clan Lasombra
Xaviar - Clan Gangrel

The Watchers - Inconnu Monitors

Some say there are as many as a single Monitor for every City, but rarely do they show themselves for what they are. Here are some more 'well-known' Inconnu , if there is such a thing.

The Secret Masters - The Inner Circle

Yeah right! As IF we'd list them here! :P

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