Paris France

Camarilla Domain:

Toreador Justicar Madame Guil resides here and controls the city as Prince
exPrince now Seneschal - Francis Villon, Clan Toreador
Sheriff - Basilard Merovec, Clan Brujah
Greater Harpy - Gaston Lereaux, Clan Noseratu
Oscar Wilde, Clan Toreador

Character History: Augustus Fellows resides here from 1937 to 1939. Augustus had a very brief stay in Paris where he presented his blooded wine to the Court as gifts of favor from Clan Tremere. Despite worries of the the blood and Tremere connection, many Toreador could not resisit the temptation and rumors of the delightful wine. It is a hit in Paris, but Augustus moves on to London, leaving another Tremere, Graziana Nascimbeni, to handle wine requests.

WoD History:

Francios Villon turned over the city to Madame Guil when she became Justicar

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