Portland Oregon

Sabbat Contested Anarch Barony:

No known leader, but certainly Anarch/Sabbat Contested

Baron- Collin Hart
C├ęsar Ortiz, Clan Toreador

Character History:

WoD History:

2000 - The Portland Tremere Chantry dominates the area. Though Portland at the time is not considered a Camarilla Domain, the few scattered bands of Anarchs cannot hope to contest with the might of the Portland Chantry. Luckily for the Anarchs, the Chantry appears to have better things to do than care about a few packs of noisy Anarchs.
2004 - Upon discovering that the Tremere have been abducting and experimenting on Anarchs, several war-packs of Anarchs are formed to sack the Chantry and free their Anarch 'brothers'. The assault is funded by brisk arms sales to the Seattle, WA Domain, which was under attack by some unknown supernatural threat. The Tremere are taken by surprise, as several of their own apprentices turn to the cause of the Anarchs. The Anarchs suffer heavy losses, but succeed in assaulting and burning down the Chantry.
2005 - Within a year of the assault, all of the Anarch Tremere disappear and are never heard from again. The Tremere did not, however, attempt to rebuild their Chantry.
2006 - The Anarchs of Portland declare Portland to be a Free State.
2007 - Divided by bickering Barons, the domain of Portland falls into disarray, but is still widely considered to be Anarch territory, even though the Camarilla has never officially acknowledged it as a Free State.
2009 - Portland, OR is sacked by the Sabbat. The Domain is now Contested.

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