Randolph McReedus

Randolph McReedus
Clan Gangrel
Sire: Iron Eye
Bio: Currently a respected elder in New York. McReedus has been active in New York since at least 1812 and has taken stints as Primogen (when there are enough Gangrel in the City to warrant one) and Keeper of Elysium from time to time. Randolph McReedus coordinated efforts retaking sections of Manhattan under the direction of Calebros during the Sabbat War and used his substantial upstate holdings to help elders weather the assault in safety while their childer made the city liveable again.
Most recently gained status by distancing himself from Xaviar and the rest of the Gangrel when they split from the Camarilla and pledging his continued support of the sect.
McReedus has a heavy hand in Industrial and Criminal elements around Manhattan as well as ties to Shipping and Business interests across southern New York City and the Jersey Shore.
Randolph McReedus is a close ally of the Ventrue in New York and a frequenter of their Salons.

Childer: Clover McReedus (Deceased), Kale McReedus, Maxwell McReedus

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