Saint Louis Missouri

Camarilla Domain:

Prince - Adelaide Nylund - Ventrue
Seneschal - Edna Ley - Malkavian
Sheriff - Roth Caladon - Brujah
Greater Harpy - Rudy Style - Toreador

Character History:

1950: Nosferatu elder Triton saves the life of Cole Murphy from a Sabbat pack and is granted a life boon.
1955-1980: Cole Murphy and Acrimony (nosferatu) child of Triton engage in a decades long feud involving nuns, sharks, and other death traps. Triton gives the lifeboon to Acrimony in order to keep Cole from killing Acrimony. A decade later, Acrimony wagers the boon with Cole Murphy, loses it, and disappears.
1960-2006: Cole Murphy was a Deputy for the domain and then retired unexpectedly without saying why.

Augustus Fellows resides here from 1970 -1989.

WoD History:

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