Samantha Kennedy

1880-1941 - Killarney, Ireland. Prior to her arrival to Kilarney as an Acknowledged member of the Camarilla, there is no record of Samantha Kennedy. During her time here she serves as Whip, Primogen and Harpy. She also receives the status "Honorable".During this time Samantha also earns her second and third clan prestiege.

1941 - During a visit to Italy for a Toreador Salon, Samantha makes the abrupt and
unexpected decision to move to America, without going back to Ireland.

1942-1960 - Resides in Chicago, Il and is Primogen for several years. During her time she received the status "Trustworthy." With
little to no public warning she leaves the domain in 1960.

1960-1994 - Resides in New York, NY from 1960 to 1994. Served as deputy
Harpy and Whip. Received status "Cherished" from Primogen Brendan Cross. Also received her fourth clan prestiege.
Embraced Lucius Walker during here time in NYC. Left NY after "Sabbat
attack" on her club killed Cross and her childe Lucius.

1994-2007 - Moved to Baltimore, MD where she kept politically quiet and overall withdrawn from kindred society. Her
interaction in the domain was more often then not limited to clan mates and
a select few others she'd gotten to know over the years. She received the
status "Stalwart" for her efforts against the Sabbat that plagued the city.
2 weeks before the city fell in the fall of 2007 she was sent from the city
with the blessing of the Prince and her Primogen.

2007-March 2009 - Seattle, Wa. Was Primogen and Whip twice during this time before leaving Seattle with little notice and no public declaration of her destination.

March 2009-June 2009 - Dublin Ireland

June 2009-Present - London, England

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