San Francisco, California

Cathayan City:

Prince - Jochen Van Nuys - Clan Ventrue
Mandarin - Unknown

Vannevar Thomas, Ventrue
Thicknick, Nosferatu

Character History:

WoD History:

1500 to 1600

1579 – Sir Francis Drake claims what will be San Francisco for his queen. A massive earthquake shatters the area and forms San Francisco Bay only days latter.

1600 to 1700

1700 to 1800

1769 – A Spanish soldier named Gaspar de Portola accidentally stumbled upon the bay’s entrance while sailing to Monterey Bay in the south. Centuries later Tremere scholars theorized that the bay, which had strong economical and strategic potential even then was undiscovered by early expeditions because a Native American tribal society called the Kuksu Cult used magic to shield the bay from notice. [SFbN, p 20]

1776 – Juan Bautista de Anza claims the area in the name of Spain.

1800 to 1900

1849 – The gold rush sees the population of San Francisco rise from 900 to 26,000 in one year. Another 100,000 people drift through the area on their way to find the gold "in them thar hills". Young kindred flock to San Francisco- Camarilla, Sabbat, Anarch and Wan Kuei. Hunting is plentiful and good, so much so that the traditional conflicts between Camarilla and Sabbat are all but ignored. Wan Keui establish Chinatown and East and West avoided each other, living in an uncomfortable peace. [SFbN, p 22]

1851 – The mortal organization, The Committee for Public Vigilance is reformed and marches on the jail which is protected by hundreds of law officers and local militia who is are loyal to corrupt city supervisor James Casey. Casey and a notorious gambler are taken and executed by public hanging. The Camarilla encourages the Committee's vigilantes to attack the Sabbat's mortal proxies in the name of justice. This is one of the reasons the Sabbat's fall in San Francisco. [SFbN, p 24]

1859 – On September 19th, Joshua Norton proclaims himself Emperor of the United States from his Imperial Seat of San Francisco.

1880 – Norton died on January 8, 1880 on California Street. He was buried in the Masonic Cemetery, and his funeral procession ran two miles long. Between 10,000 and 30,000 people attended his funeral to bid farewell to America’s first and only Emperor.

1900 to 2000

1906 - San Francisco has a massive earthquake. This results in the yacht "The Royal Phoenix" ending up on land. [WoD, p122] Preceptor Cob looses cohesion and Wyld energy surges over San Francisco resulting in mass fires and earthquakes. The Technocracy manages to regain control.

1908 – Toreador Elder Prince Endymion arrives in San Francisco and has a grand presentation of his Childe Sebastian Melmoth who stays in the domain after Endymion leaves. [WoD, p122]

1917 – On Halloween a Toreador Grand Ball is held to mark the grand opening of the Vampire Club. [WoD, p122]

1946 – After a Conclave called by Prince Vannevar Thomas, The Palatine Treaty is signed in the Vampire Club which gives San Francisco more autonomy than most Camarilla cities. [WoD, p124]

1969 – Jim Jones' People's Temple opens near San Francisco.

1972 – Ventrue Prince Vannevar Thomas suffers embarrassment when his young grandchilder, Todd Kramer, publicly turns Anarch. He reacts by making an equally public display of slaughtering the young Kindred's ghouls and turning over all his mortal assets to Leland Stanford Jr., Kramer's sire.

1977 – Jim Jones and most of the 1,000 members of the Peoples Temple moved to Jonestown in Guyana after an investigation into the church for tax evasion was begun.

1989 – The Loma Prieta earthquake strikes- the Marian District suffers much destruction and a section of the Bay Bridge collapses. The earthquake occurred during the warm-up for the third game of the 1989 World Series, coincidentally featuring both of the Bay Area's Major League Baseball teams, the Oakland Athletics and the San Francisco Giants. This earthquake was the first major earthquake in the U.S. to be broadcast on live television as it happened.

1993 – Preceptor Cob is killed and replaced by the Weaver entity who now controls the pattern web of San Francisco [Hidden Lore and Loom of Fate]

1996 – Jochen Van Nuys Prince disposes Prince Vannevar Thomas with tacit approval from the Inner Circle. [SFbN, p 28]

1998 – The August Courts sends representatives to San Francisco

1999 – Justicar Madame Guil arrives in San Francisco to deal with the Cathayan problem on the West Coast and begins negations to stop the New Promise Mandarinate from spreading. Negotiations last throughout 2000, ending with the Camarilla capitulating; the Cathayans keep the domain they've stolen. [SFbN, p 30]

2000 to Present

2001 – The Anarchs are manipulated, unbeknownst to them, by the San Franciisco Camarilla to attack the Cathayans locally. They attack a meeting of Cathayans and Camarilla Kindred on Telegraph Hill. The losses are staggering for Anarchs and Camarilla. Envoys and Peacekeepers arrive from the August Courts. Kuei-Jin assassins destroy the Tremere and Toreador primogen. The Cathayans seize control of the prime areas of the city and begin negations with Prince Van Nuys and his surviving primogen. [SFbN, p 30] Shortly after, a mystic barrier is said to go up around the City of San Francisco. Rumors abound about the barrier. Some of the rumors are:

  • Some say it's all bunk—just a rumor by Archons to keep Kindred from messing with it.
  • Some say it's actually made by the Cathayans, and the Archons are just claiming the credit.
  • Or it might be real.
  • Some say it's just a 'detection' system, and those found are caught and killed.
  • Others say it's a real barrier, dealing damage to those who mess with it.
  • Some have claimed to have crossed it, though they're not in a right frame of mind.
  • The general acceptance is that going there has consequences no Kindred interested in self-preservation is terribly interested in flaunting.

San Francisco is currently a Cathayan held city, surrounded by a mystical barrier. It is said that their are still Camarilla Kindred within the city. This was not always the case; San Francisco was once the jewel of the Camarilla on the west coast.

The City and County of San Francisco is the fourth most populous city in California and the fourteenth-most populous in the United States, with a 2005 population of 739,426. It is located on the tip of the San Francisco Peninsula and is the focal point of the San Francisco Bay Area. San Francisco is the second most densely populated major city in the United States, which serves to characterize the streetscape of the city.

San Francisco is renowned for its often chilly summer fog, steep rolling hills, an eclectic mix of Victorian and modern architecture, and its peninsular location surrounded on three sides by the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. Famous hallmarks and landmarks include the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, the cable cars, the Transamerica Pyramid, Coit Tower, and Chinatown.

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