Savannah, Georgia

Camarilla Domain:

Prince - Thomas Wentworth, Clan Ventrue
Ventrue Primogen - Fredrick Allen III
Toreador Primogen - Regina Davenport, Clan Toreador
Tremere Primogen - Dr. Buzzard (currently in New Orleans, LA)
Greater Harpy - Makarios, Clan Toreador

Character History:
Augustus Fellows resides here from 1999 to 2007. Augustus fled to Savannah when Atlanta fell.
Kenneth Ashland: resided in Savannah from the early 1940's through 2004
Bat Qol - Clan Setite.
The General - Clan Malkavian.
Leopold - Clan Toreador.
Orthese - Clan Setite.
Rolph - Clan Nosferatu.

WoD History:

When Atlanta fell in 1999 to the scourge of the Sabbat, Savannah became the last bastion of the Camarilla in the deep south - well that is, except for New Orleans. When New Orleans fell to the Sabbat, and then to Hurricane Katrina, Savannah became a primary jumping off point for Camarilla fighters to begin their trek into enemy territory in an attempt to take back either city.

Savannah has wisely opened it's doors graciously to these warriors, as they are the very reason that the small Camarilla Domain still stands these nights. Their southern charm has won them an army of sorts, and they know it.

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