Scion is a Gangrel who was Embraced Sabbat in 1635 in Ireland, UK and gained a reputation as a legendary brutal killer all over Europe who notoriously made slaughter an art, particularly those of innocents - (nuns children, clergy, puppies.) He spent some time in a pack until about 1850, then suddenly and inexplicably cut all ties with the Sabbat, and left Europe. A young Brujah who had unsuccessfully hunted Scion while he was with the Sabbat by the name of Cole Murphy saw Scion as a broken creature, racked with guilt and filled with Humanity, pitied him and bought him passage in the belly of a tramp steamer to Ellis Island and the new world. Shortly after this period, rumors of a 'Sabbat double' of Scion called Deimos began to emerge.

1850 - 1918 - Scion went to New York, NY as an independent who stayed mostly out of clan or sect politics. He was a dirty, antisocial dude there who lived on rats and stayed on the down low. He did odd jobs for the Nosferatu in return for a disgusting corner of the sewers where he hid out.

1920's - He was in Chicago, IL in the 20's, a little more clean cut, but still on the outskirts of Kindred society, still Independent, still distrusted by many because of his old Sabbat ties. Stories about this time in Scion's history include the tale of him rescuing the puppy of a Brujah ghoul only to tell her to 'Scram' shortly afterward.

1930's - Scion spent the 30's in Billings, MT during the Great Depression. Once again Scion lived in almost total solitude, feeding from animals, fly fishing a lot and writing to his few allies about his experiences attempting to 'find himself'.

1940's - 1950's Scion spent the 40's and 50's in Hollywood, CA still staying pretty low profile, but playing nice with the Anarchs in the newly formed Free States, still remaining Independent. It is rumored that Scion did some work for the US war effort during this period, and later saw a brief period of minor celebrity on the arm of Toreador Layla Lebarre who ran in Hollywood circles in 1947. After that period Scion again became a recluse, hiding out in a hotel in Hollywood until near the end of the 50's.

1960's - In the 60's he went to Las Vegas, NV and worked freelance for the Kindred there, sometimes for Schlomo Giovanni, sometimes for the Camarilla, sometimes for his own interests. He becaume much more social, and had a lot of (at the time) important mortal allies (Sammy Jr., Dean Martin, Sinatra and the rest of the Rat Pack, even Elvis at one point.). His relations with the relatively ritzy and entrepenurial Vegas Giovanni were reasonably solid, and he became friends with Edgilio Giovanni.

In the 70's Scion returned to New York, NY and became much more of a recluse again after he could not stop himself from feeding on a mortal who had been shot in a late night donut shop robbery. He sank once again into exile, hiding in a small corner of the sewers of New York, paying 'rent' to the local Nosferatu.

1980's - 1990's Scion travelled again to California, ostensibly to kill Sabbat in Sunnyvale, CA. After establishing some allies in a rural part of California, Scion was instrumental in destroying a huge serpentine monster that rose in the small suburban town. Working with mortal Hunters, Scion and his allies destroyed the threat.

Late 1990's - early 2000's - Scion, moved to Los Angeles, CA and really began to make a name for himself as a Sabbat hunter throughout the late 90's and early turn of the century. After defeating a large nest of Sabbat he was approached by a powerful elder with ties to the Camarilla and he and his recently Embraced Childer Cordelia Vanderhoff were offered membership in the Sect. Both Scion and Cordelia agreed.

2003 - 2007 - Eventually he came to Seattle, WA and took part in two major Sabbat wars for control of the 'Emerald Domain' and a brutal skirmish against the Cathayans (KOE: Kindred Of the East). He participated in the final siege against the Setite Pyramid in April 2007 and then he and his Childer Cordelia mysteriously left both the Camarilla, and the Seattle Domain. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

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