Seattle, Washington

Camarilla Domain:

Prince - Dario D'Ragno - Malkavian 2013 Final Death

Character History:
Roland Thatcher resided ??? - 2009?
David Price resided ~1880 - 1938, 2005 - Current
Colin Colosimo resided 2000 - Current, Acting as Seneschal
Johnny Nobody resided 2002 - 2003, 2005 - Current
Matty Kincaid resided 2003 - 2006
Joseph Mayek resided 2004 - 2006. 2007 - Current (Was Sheriff)
Yuri Ribsic resided 2005 - 2007
Scion resided 2005 - 2007
Mercedes Torres resided 2006- 2009
Clark Davis resided 2006 - 2010
Sara Reynolds resided 2006 - 2009
Ichido Hamza resided 2007 - Current
Cole Murphy resided 2007- Sep 2007 (Was Seneschal)
Chloe Livingston resided 2007 (Temporary relocation from LA for personal and professional business.)
Darnell Doyle resided Feb 2007 - Aug 2007
Augustus Fellows resided 2007 - 2009
Samantha Kennedy resided fall 2007 - 2009
Cynthia Bower resided March 2008 - 2009
Jack Mercer resided Febuary 2007 - 2009 Final Death
Eugene Krantz resided September 2006 - 2011, now in Los Angeles
Thomas Mercer resided 1850 - Present
Karl Magnusson resided 2013-Present
Kоtjаh 2013 - Final Death
Cornelius Wolfgang Faust Giovanni resided 1983-2006, 2013-Present
Vivian Milliner-Giovanni 2013-Present

Wod History:

BC to Year 0

8,000 B.C - What would eventually become Seattle is settled by nomadic tribes.

  • It is unknown if there were any Kindred present during this period.

6,000 B.C - Tohl-AHL-too ("herring house") and Hah-AH-poos ("where there are horse clams") tribes converge at the mouth of the Duwamish River in what is now the Industrial District. Recently discovered anthropological evidence indicates that an Ancient of the Gangrel clan may have taken up residence here at this time. Cave paintings and early artwork refers to a 'Wolf Goddess' that was eternal and fed on 'life'. The Duamish words for 'blood' and 'life' were interchangable.


1735 - An unknown Gangrel, who would later Sire Arthur Denny arrives.


1851 - Seattle was first settled, by Arthur A. Denny and his crew, would subsequently become known as the Denny party. Its first name was New York, then Duwamps, then finally it was renamed Seattle named after Chief Noah Sealth who was chief of the two tribes living in the area ("Seattle" is an anglicized rendition of his last name)

  • Dkhw'Duw'Absh and Xachua'Bsh people (now called the Duwamish Tribe) occupied at least 17 villages living in some 93 permanent longhouses (khwaac'ál'al) along Elliott Bay, Salmon Bay, Portage Bay, Lake Washington, Lake Sammamish, and the lower Duwamish, Black, and Cedar Rivers.

1852 - The Denny Party relocates from Alki Point (where they had origionally landed), to what would become modern day Seattle.
1853 - The first plats for the Town of Seattle were filed.
1855 - Nominal legal land settlement was established.
1865 - Seattle was incorporated as a town
1867 - Near riots caused the town charter to be voided in response to unrest at provisions worked into the charter by town founder Henry Yesler.

  • The Lupine Wars begin

1869 - Seattle was re-incorporated.
1870 - The first bathroom in Seattle with plumbing is installed.
1873 - Northern Pacific Railway announced that they had chosen the then-village of Tacoma over Seattle as the Western terminus of their trans-continental railroad.

  • Thousands of immagrants, many of them Chineese land with the train, and many of them move north to Seattle.

1882 - Four lynchings occur over reletively trivial matters. Henry Yesler proportedly benefits when several of the men lynched turn over their holdings to him.

1883 - Seattle got its first streetcar and cable car, ferry service, a YMCA gymnasium, and the exclusive Rainier Club, and passed an ordinance requiring attached sewer lines for all new residences.

1884 - The Great Northern Railway came to Seattle and with it, Dawn O'Seanessy (Toreador). She went under the name Lou Grahm, or Mother Damnable. She ran the most successful and famous frontier brothel in the Northwest, catering to politicians, trappers, merchants and the occasional clergyman.
1885 - Much to the chagrin to many of the Kindred who had founded Seattle, Dawn O'Seanessy becomes the first de facto Prince of Seattle. Seattle is a domain Independent from the affairs of Camarilla or Sabbat.
1889 - The Great Seattle Fire burned 29 city blocks. It destroyed nearly the entire business district, all of the railroad terminals, and all but four of the wharves. The fires were proportedly started by a glue pot, however it was in fact begun by a masive assault upon Seattle by Lupines in an attempt to purge the land of the corrupt Kindred. Several Kindred met Final Death, however scores of Lupines died. Doc and Denny's contacts within the Lupine tribes had tipped them off to the attack.

  • The Lupine Wars end.

1893 - The Panic of 1893, a serious decline in the economy of the United States that began in 1893 and was precipitated in part by a run on the gold supply.
1897 - The Klondike Gold Rush begins and establishes Seattle as the transportation and supply center, to and from, Alaska and the gold fields of the Yukon. The rush ended the depression literally overnight for Seattle. The miners mined the gold. Seattle mined the miners. The Founding Fathers mined everyone.

  • The Gaslight Lounge, an exclusive Kindred gentleman's club is founded.


1900 - Hearing of an attempt by Arthur Denny, Doc Maynard and Henry Yesler to seize Praxis, Dawn O'Seanessy enters the Gaslight Lounge, Torpors all three Kindred and several others, including Thomas Mercer and brutally murders nearly every one of the Kine present. Only one mortal, Sarah Walker, the infant daughter of one of the Lounge's "working girls" survives. The violent basis of Seattle frontier politics is sealed in blood for generations to come.
1910 - The Denny Regrade levels a hill and creates the current waterfront district.
1917 - Construction of the Lake Washington Ship Canal finished. The level of Lake Washington dropped; the Black River, which formerly ran out of the south end of the lake, dried up completely, and Seward Island became the Seward Peninsula, now the site of Seward Park.
1924 - Legendary Brujah member Anton Mikel is known to reside in the city, and becomes Sheriff. This begins the formal formation of the Seattle Camarilla court, culminating with the creation of the first Primogen council in the 30's. Several Primogen are Primogen of One.
1940 - Future Prince Andric becomes Toreador Primogen
1946 - A scandal involving the Tremere and a Kindred's destruction prompts Prince Dawn O'Seanessy to step down, naming Andric as her successor. Andric declares the domain to be Camarilla.
1952: - Kell Stormguard becomes Gangrel Primogen, then is passed Sheriff when Anton Meikel steps down.
1965 - Elysium is broken for the first time by a successful Sabbat attack on the Toreador Primogen.
1971 - Eric Bachman proclaims himself Independent Prince of Tacoma
1980 - Jack Griffin becomes Toreador Primgoen.

1983 - Bran MacMourne becomes Prince of Tacoma when an unfortunate accident destroys Eric Bachman. Richard Trevethick replaces him as Seattle Seneschal.

1990 - Kell Stormguard demands blood tests of the population, fearing Setite infiltration
1999 - The Battle in Seattle - Meeting of the World Trade Organization, and the attendant demonstrations by anti-globalization activists, which were in keeping with Seattle's left-leaning history and reputation.


2000 - Sarah Walker, the only survivor of the Gaslight Lounge Massacre dies of old age at the age of 102. In her will, she leaves instructions to deliver letters to the current Kindred residents of Seattle inviting them to the Gaslight Lounge. All who recieve a letter feel inexorably drawn to the gentleman's club. The Gaslight Lounge becomes a powerful Haunt.

2001 - A Sabbat nest is uncovered and destroyed by Drake's Irregulars. Many are concerned about Praxis as they conflict with Prince and Seneschal after their success in combating the Sabbat. Drake, convinced that the Setites pose a terrible threat to the Domain, orchastrates an assault that brings Final Death to every Follower of Set inside a hidden Setite Temple. Drake is destroyed for violating the Sixth Tradition. It was never made clear what threat he believed the Setite's posed.

2002 - During the end of 2002, Sabbat forces engage in an extended and brutal seige on the domain.

  • Prince Andric is believed slain.
  • The Tremere Chantry is destroyed.
  • The Old Dome Elysium is attacked by suicide bombers. Ghouls with explosives who sacrifice themselves for the Sabbat terrorize local Kindred and strain the Masquerade.
  • Sabbat mass-embrace children to demoralize the Camarilla.
  • Paavo recieves the Embrace from Mr. Hat.
  • The a creature known as the Ancient surfaces, and backed by Sabbat, leads an attack that decimates the local Giovanni clan.
  • Amalthia Giovanni meets final death.
  • Vincent Giovanni meets final death.
  • Paavo Giovanni meets final death.
  • Johnny Nobody comes to the city from Chicago, IL
  • Mr. Hat leaves the city for Venice, Italy

2003 - In the aftermath of the Sabbat attacks that claimed many Kindred, Wesson Charmichal (Ventrue) ascends to Princedom, but is killed within months. His wife and clanmate Rose Charmichael (Ventrue) ascends the throne.

Rose Carmichael steps down from the Princedom as Archons working for Justicar Maris Streck (Malkavian) install Calebros, (Nosferatu) former Prince of New York, NY as Prince of Seattle.

  • Rose Charmichael leaves the city for ???
  • Matty Kincaid comes to the city from Los Angeles, CA
  • The Gaslight Lounge inexplicably 're-lights' and all Kindred in the Emerald Domain are drawn to it on Christmas Eve.
  • The Tarot Card Murders occur. Both Kindred and Kine are murdered. Later details and cause of the murders are summarily denied by local Camarilla leadership. The Justicariat chooses not to press the issue publically.
    • A creature known as 'the Ancient' resurfaces and is destroyed by a coterie, called the 'Ghost Ship Coterie', led by DonCornelius Wolfgang Faust Giovanni. All but one of it's members remain alive. The others having perished in various manners. The Ancient identified itself as a 'Harbinger of Skulls'.
  • Enigma meets final death
  • Johnny Nobody leaves for Los Angeles, CA
  • Henrietta Moreau arrives in Seattle from Paris, France.
  • The Founding Fathers of the Emerald Domain, Arthur Denny (Gangrel), Henry Yesler (Ventrue) and Doc Maynard (Brujah) rise from Torpor.

2004 - Zymogenetics LLC successfully captures Kindred Vitae from several subjects, and using it's blood, creates a Blood Clotting agent called Compound XIII. Using a mixture of Kindred and other supernatural blood they had collected, they manage to create a Caitiff called Thirteen, who was destroyed prior to a raid on the facilities led by Arlo Braven (Malkavian).

2005 - Jack Griffin, a Toreador was revealed to be a Follower of Set who had infiltrated the Toreador clan for over a century. He was executed for his crimes, however his compainion, Alexis Bonaparte (also assumed to have been an infiltrator) and the mastemind behind the Seattle Pyramid arcology escapes and is still at large to this night.

2006 - Several Packs of Sabbat provoke an attack by members of the Seattle Domain by kidnapping Toreador Charissma Starr and forcing a confrontation.

  • Joseph Mayek resigns as Sheriff and leaves the city for Vienna, Austria
  • Jellyroll Morton enters the city from Los Angeles, CA
  • The Sabbat are destroyed.
  • Catie Foster (Malkavian) meets final death
  • Daddy (Malkavian) meets final death
  • The Mandarin, a Cathayan 'prince', hoping the Emerald Domain is weakened after thier fight with the Sabbat attacks the Triple Door Elysium in force after several years of rising hostilities. The Cathayans are repelled.
  • Angus Dermott (Gangrel) meets final death
  • Carlo Giovanni (Gangrel) meets final death
  • Validus (Ventrue) meets final death
  • Johnny Nobody returns to the city for Los Angeles, CA
  • Alixandra Lamereaux leaves the city for New Orleans, LA
  • Matty Kincaid leaves the city for New Orleans, LA
  • Jellyroll Morton leaves the city for New Orleans, LA
  • Cordelia Vanderhoff (Gangrel) enters the city from Los Angeles, CA
  • Gerrard (Brujah) is Embraced
  • Joseph Gunn enters the city from Los Angeles, CA
  • Mercedes Torres enters the city from Nashville, TN
  • The Gaslight Lounge goes dark when a coterie led by the Seneschal Albrect Massovia enters and engages in a battle that lasted more than a week. All Kindred who entered the fight perished except for Scion who seemed to suffer from some derangement afterward.
  • Joseph Gunn (Brujah) meets final death
  • Albrect Massovia (Ventrue) meets final death
  • Gregor Croneweath (Caitiff) meets final death
  • Johnny Nobody becomes Seneshal
  • Clark Davis enters the city from New York, NY
  • Layla LeBarre (Toreador) meets final death at the hands of Rolf Sechs (Gangrel) when he foils her assasination attempt of Charissma Starr (Toreador)
  • Sabbat Templar Jonathan Wetmore attacks Alex Rourke's ghoul as a taunt.
  • The Syndicate, an ancient Kindred society, sends a delegation to Seattle.
  • Pearl (Nosferatu) enters the city from ???
  • Jack Covell (Toreador) enters the city from Boston, MA
  • The Sabbat Templar Jonathan Wetmore lures Alexander Rourke and other members of the City into killing a mortal crafted to look like him.
  • Kale (Gangrel) enters the city from New York, NY
  • Peter Smith enters the city from New York, NY
  • Clover (Gangrel) enters the city from New York, NY
  • The ghoul Kobe enters the city from ???
  • Sara Reynolds enters the city from Baltimore, MD
  • The ghoul Kobe leaves the city for ???
  • Jack Covell (Toreador) enters torpor
  • Cole Murphy (Brujah) enters the city from Saint Louis, MO

2007 - The Sabbat Templar Jonathan Wetmore is killed by a coterie led by Alex Rourke (Gangrel) after tracking him for over 200 years.

  • Jack Mercer (Brujah) arrives in the City
  • Rolf Sechs (Gangrel) meets final death.
  • Clover (Gangrel) meets final death
  • Jeromy Dusnton (Ventrue) enters torpor
  • Yuri Ribsic (Ventrue) leaves the city for ???
  • Manfred Jaeger (Follower of Set) enters the city from Oslo, Norway.
  • The Independent Annie Bonny (Brujah) meets Final Death in the aftermath of an attack by the Tremere onboard her pirate ship, The Deception.
  • Dario (Lasombra anti-tribu) becomes Sheriff.
  • Ichido Hamza (Assimite) enters city from The Mountain, Middle East
  • The Setite Alexis Boneparte meets Final Death in a daring siege against the Setite Pyramid.
  • Dario (Lasombra anti-tribu) meets final death.
  • Scion and Cordelia Vanderhoff (Gangrel) become Independent, and leave the city for ???
  • Joseph Mayek becomes Sheriff.
  • Cole Murphy becomes Seneshal.
  • Sabbat forces left over from the destruction of the Templar attempt to assassinate Prince Isaac Goldwin. They fail.

2008 - The city of Baltimore, MD is sacked by the Sabbat. Isaac Goldwin steps down as Prince to assist his Sire Garlotte and broodmate Finn in retaking the domain. All meet Final Death in the conflict.

  • Isaac Goldwin leaves the city for Baltimore, MD.
  • Rabane enters the city. (Malkavian) seizes Praxis in Isaac Goldwin's absence. She is rumored to have had a vision of her death in Seattle, but comes to 'meet her destiny' anyway. He/She was also rumored to have had multiple personalities, and would often appear in different forms. A rival for the Princedom of Seattle, Toreador Angelique De La Mer, seizes Praxis of the neighboring domain of Vancouver British Columbia shortly after it was determined that Rabane could expect more support. Both Rabane and De La Mer were rumored to have 'trained' under Toreador Justicar Madame Gill.
  • A controversial bloodhunt is called on Joseph Mayek (Tremere) by Prince Rabane owing to rumors that he was behind the Final Death of the Nosferatu Johnny Nobody. Much controversy surrounded the unprecidented multi-domain bloodhunt. Joseph Mayek successfully evaded the bloodhunt under Prince Rabane and is still at large.
  • Novus Aeneas (Brujah) enters the city. Having collected a coterie after his rumored rise from extended torpor, the Brujah Elder clamed bloody Praxis over Prince Rabane in a public decapitation. It is rumored that his coterie of elders had made many connections among city elders prior to the Praxis who helped to undermine Rabane's rule. The rumor that Rabane had come to Seattle to die, or had even wished to die tainted the Imperator's image of power somewhat. Novus Aeneas declares the Bloodhunt of Joseph Mayek over for 'services rendered' during the Praxis, which may have included bringing Rabane to him for Destruction. This is also unprecidented as a Bloodhunt once called may traditionally never be ended until the Final Death of the accused is achieved.
  • Prince Novus Aeneas makes several changes to the traditional structure of Kindred political bodies in the Domain, calling himself 'Imperator' interchangably with Prince, calling the Primogen 'Senetors' and representatives from non-Camarilla aligned Clans 'Tribunes'. Prince Novus also instigates a system of Taxes for Camarilla clans and Tribute from Independent Clans. Those that do not pay Taxes or Tribute gain no representation and lose the right to feeding Domain.
  • Fernando Salazar (Toreador) enters the city. Childe of Raphael DeCorazon, Founder of the Camarilla and penner of the Traditions.
  • Arash (Assamite) enters the city. Owes some sort of fealty to Novus Aeneas.
  • Mickey Greenfeet (Nosferatu) enters the city. He leaves as soon as Novus' Praxis is complete.
  • Quintus Blackthorne (Tremere) enters the city briefly, speaks only to the Tremere and leaves.
  • The mysterious Independent Setite called Chiroptera enters the city, has some brief discourse with Novus Aeneas over the course fo a few months, and vanishes.
  • Novus Aeneas annexes Bainbridge Island from the Lupines, sparking a conflict that causes most of his standing army, the War Coterie to meet final death at the claws of the Lupines. Bainbridge Island is later given to Lasombra Anti-tribu Diego Lucero as clan Domain.

2009 - Prince Novus Aeneas Declares Anarchs to be unwelcome in the Emerald Domain and adopts a 'Convert or Die' attitude toward the Sect after several attempts are made on the Brujah Sheriff's unlife by Anarch and Anarch allied/leaning Kindred. Several public Destructions are carried out to drive this point home.

  • Prince Novus Aeneas grants Positional status to his War Coterie in an unprecidented move, effectively making his standing army part of the Inner Court. Later, owing to the fall of Portland, OR to the Sabbat, Prince Novus revises this to allow a brief respite of a few weeks to Anarch refugees from Portland before they find Haven elsewhere.
  • Prince Novus Aeneas Is killed by Diego Lucero of Clan Lasombra, who claims Praxis. His Praxis is disputed by Jean-Lionel Martin who had been Novus's Sheriff and by the Toreador Sheriff of Boulder, CO who happened to be visiting the city the night of the Praxis. Lucero had the Toreador killed but was then felled by Martin who seized Praxis for approximatelty 2 months.
  • Ventrue Hans Madsen bloodlessly declares praxis and names Martin his Sheriff as well as opening court positions to a number of other Brujah.


  • In 2011, the Bowesley Doctrine creates the Camarilla position of 'King', an oversser position over a wide swath of several domains. Hans Madsen becomes the King of the Pacific Northwest. Ileana Cardea is appointed Prince of Seattle.
  • In October 2012, Ileana abdicates the throne. In a shocking decision, King Madsen announces highly unpopular Tremere Primogen Luthius to be the new Prince of the city.
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